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That's a nice set up!
Wed May 23, 2018 1:47am

My work has something similar set up where My Documents is pointed to your network share as well. I actually remember doing that as well in college.

My Win 7 desktop has the ability to have a RAID set up (and I did have one at one point) but currently it's just running two separate drives and I only really use it for VPN access to legacy systems and databases for work.

My main computer is back to Ubuntu after the hard drive crash. (Which is fine, I actually don't even miss Win7. Visual Studio was basically the last thing holding me there but VS code has been a nice substitute for what I do hobby wise and IntelliJ is completely cross platform anyway)

One day I might set something up but right now I'm too lazy to be even lazy. :)

  • You should be lazy.Puckdropper, Sun Apr 22 6:06am
    I bought a QNAP TS509 Pro that lets me have 5 drives in a RAID array, run a local version of my website for when the development bug strikes, back up my data, and play videos with Plex. With Windows... more
    • That's a nice set up! ☻ Erik, Wed May 23 1:47am
      • It really didn't take long to set upPuckdropper, Wed May 23 9:58am
        I think telling the box who it is and how you want the drives configured takes about an hour. The array takes quite some time to actually build, but you don't have to do anything. Once that's done,... more
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