Good point! Currently I have 16MB on the board.
Wed May 23, 2018 1:51am

I would actually like to upgrade it higher but need to I guess figure out the RAM type I need. It's been so long since I've even tinkered with the hardware on it, I've forgotten so much. I remember when we had it upgraded back in the mid 90s, the guy told us that the max was only 16mb for some reason. I'd love to actually max it out and see how it runs.

Maybe I'd finally be able to run Doom not in low res with a shrunken screen or Duke Nukem at all? (Not that I would ever go back to playing those versions for real as eDuke32 and gzDoom are amazing with custom control mappings. WASD instead of arrows... so much better.)

  • Considering it's about a megabyte in sizePuckdropper, Sat Apr 7 2:36am
    That's a significant part of the available memory on your box... Even if you max it out, it's still like 32 MB. Technically the 32-bit chipset could handle up to 4 GB, but it was rare to have a... more
    • Good point! Currently I have 16MB on the board. ☻ Erik, Wed May 23 1:51am
      • IIRC, 72-pin SIMMs were the standardPuckdropper, Thu May 24 7:41am
        and they were pretty standard. It wasn't until PC100 that things got messy. Some boards wouldn't use a double-sided SIMM, I think that was happening with both 30 and 72-pin SIMMs. Yours might be one... more
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