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299999 in a early Prius
Sun Jul 8, 2018 6:04pm

It's like they didn't expect their drivers to go past 300,000 mi in their car!

I had some issues with the display that showed this info in mine and came across this little nugget. At least mine won't roll over until it hits 1,000,000 mi.

  • Yeah I remember on Atari 2600...Erik, Fri Jul 6 11:08am
    Space Invaders and Asteroids (among other games) the score would roll over from whatever the max "99999" score was back to zero like an odometer. That was my "okay, I guess I beat this" mark as there ... more
    • 299999 in a early Prius ☻ Puckdropper, Sun Jul 8 6:04pm
      • Wow that's surprising!Erik, Fri Aug 17 11:21am
        I would have thought they would have picked a higher number than 299k to be the max if they were going that route. I feel like it's not unheard of for Toyota's to go over 300k. Although, I guess... more
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