Another project because... why not? Lawn Mower Mania
Thu Aug 23, 2018 10:01am

I've started making a small lawn mowing arcade style game in Java. So far, it's really simple. I don't want to go too crazy with this one because I actually want to finish it (hahahaha) within the month or I KNOW it will get lost and be another addition to the never finished projects pile.

From the updates page:

Well, I decided I wanted to tackle a smaller game project to keep me active. My
current open projects are rather large ones that still have a good amount of
development to go. (NeChat, ZombieAttack and RPG_net 2.0) To fill my "project"
time, I've decided to start making a simple puzzle/action-arcade style game
written in Java about mowing lawns.

The idea currently is that you mow lawns (each level) for money while making
sure your lawn mower isn't broken or out of gas (if needed). At the end of
the level you can buy upgrades like better things for your current lawn mower
(you start with a vintage reel push lawn mower), new more efficient lawn
mowers, gas, repairs and lawn upgrades that can return previously ruined grass
back to life if you accidentially mow too low or over things you shouldn't
(flower beds). There will also eventually be enemies like birds, bees and
perhaps even sprinkelers to avoid.

Right now I have a very rough version of the game started where you can mow
the first level, gaining points until you manage to mow the whole lawn. If
you go over a spot more than once, it gets mowed "too low" and you lose some
points. If you mow again, it turns to dirt and you lose even more points.
Running over a flower bed reduces your score considerably and you reduce
the flowers to dirt. Like I said, it's still very early but coming along

Click image for high resolution:

    • I have that game... I play every weekPuckdropper, Sat Sep 1 7:24pm
      Only it's not done in Java, it's a much better programming language called Real Life(tm). Wish I'd earn money for mowing my own yard, but that's life. So it's kinda like one of those Zelda floor... more
      • I was procrastinating mowing my own yard and started writing the game about it when I should have been outside. Yeah, sort of like the original Zelda style but your button moves you one tile at a... more
        • And another one!Erik , Sat Sep 8 8:38pm
          Someone made a home brew Intellivision game this summer called Hover Bovver (based of an 80s game of the same name) Also similar lawn mowing type of game.... more
          • Oh I should make a text based one!Puckdropper, Sun Sep 9 10:11pm
            The lawn needs cut. All you have is a pair of scissors. Lucky you, the last guy had to use his teeth! Do you: [Clip a blade of grass] This repeats for about 5 screens then it says: Good job!... more
            • Haha! That could be pretty cool.Erik, Tue Sep 11 2:27am
              If after the you walk over to the lawn mower part it branches out and becomes a weird/zany adventure to find the lawn mower pieces. After you retrieve all the missing parts and assemble the lawn... more
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