And another one!
Sat Sep 8, 2018 8:38pm

Someone made a home brew Intellivision game this summer called Hover Bovver (based of an 80s game of the same name)

Also similar lawn mowing type of game.

Looks like this is the year for lawn mowing games. haha

  • I was procrastinating mowing my own yard and started writing the game about it when I should have been outside. Yeah, sort of like the original Zelda style but your button moves you one tile at a... more
    • And another one! ☻ Erik , Sat Sep 8 8:38pm
      • Oh I should make a text based one!Puckdropper, Sun Sep 9 10:11pm
        The lawn needs cut. All you have is a pair of scissors. Lucky you, the last guy had to use his teeth! Do you: [Clip a blade of grass] This repeats for about 5 screens then it says: Good job!... more
        • Haha! That could be pretty cool.Erik, Tue Sep 11 2:27am
          If after the you walk over to the lawn mower part it branches out and becomes a weird/zany adventure to find the lawn mower pieces. After you retrieve all the missing parts and assemble the lawn... more
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