It's pathetic how much people "know" about stuff
Sun Sep 9, 2018 8:12am

There was a list of hundreds of things about names or addresses people "knew" and there was a counter example to each one. Like a zipcode will always have 5 digits.


So this "our cars will never go past 299,999" is one of those stupid things. They're so frustrating when you have to work around them!

My 3D printer's slicer "knows" about numbers. I have to reduce 100.00% to 10, then 1, then delete one of the fractional zeros, enter a new value and then delete the next fractional zero and enter the new value. It's a pain in the rear to try to scale things down to 1.14% (it should actually be 1.1481%... but that's rounding. Things add up when your printer is doing 50 scale feet!)

  • Wow that's surprising!Erik, Fri Aug 17 11:21am
    I would have thought they would have picked a higher number than 299k to be the max if they were going that route. I feel like it's not unheard of for Toyota's to go over 300k. Although, I guess... more
    • It's pathetic how much people "know" about stuff ☻ Puckdropper, Sun Sep 9 8:12am
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