Haha! That could be pretty cool.
Tue Sep 11, 2018 2:27am

If after the you walk over to the lawn mower part it branches out and becomes a weird/zany adventure to find the lawn mower pieces. After you retrieve all the missing parts and assemble the lawn mower..

The lawn mower is finally complete and reassembled.

Do you:
[Say forget it and continue to clip individual blades of grass with your scissors]
[Start it up and let's get this job done!]

{Start it up and let's get thsi job done!}
You pull the cord and the mower roars to life! Finally this lawn will be finished! You push it about three steps before your start hearing a loud banging noise and the mower promptly explodes.

Do you:
[Clip a blade of grass]

{Clip a blad of grass}
Back to the beginning.. or a fake retrace back if you're not feeling evil and show an end screen. :)

  • Oh I should make a text based one!Puckdropper, Sun Sep 9 10:11pm
    The lawn needs cut. All you have is a pair of scissors. Lucky you, the last guy had to use his teeth! Do you: [Clip a blade of grass] This repeats for about 5 screens then it says: Good job!... more
    • Haha! That could be pretty cool. ☻ Erik, Tue Sep 11 2:27am
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