Yeah I didn't mind the Pi's either.
Thu Sep 27, 2018 1:35am

Simple and got the job done.

I also run mine headless as well when I've used it in projects. I would just ssh into it to do whatever I needed. I also seem to remember disabling the window manager from starting up at boot as well (It's been a while but I remember it auto loading into it) to save some extra CPU and RAM.

I haven't use the Pi in a lot of projects yet though. I've used when my friend and I created our own 200 disc blu-ray disc changer and I needed something a little more beefy than a teensy (which are also awesome).

I also liked that you can use the Pi4j library and write your Pi code in Java. I remember seeing a lot of examples of stuff written in Python which I didn't want to use. This post made me interested and I found there's also C++ libraries for accessing the GPIO pins as well.


Might check those out next time I have another Pi project.. or who knows. Maybe it will be in Java again. (Seems like everything these days is coming up Java for me. haha)

  • That's great!Puckdropper, Wed Sep 26 2:04am
    I really liked the way Raspbian's window manager worked, the whole thing felt intuitive and easy to use. My Pi is being used headless right now, so I don't really need a window manager.
    • Yeah I didn't mind the Pi's either. ☻ Erik, Thu Sep 27 1:35am
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