* Happy Thanksgiving!
Sun Nov 18, 2018 1:32pm

Thanksgiving Tip: Use crumbled Ritz crackers for pie crusts.

    • *Happy early Thanksgiving!!! (nm)Erik, Tue Nov 20 5:11am
      • Early?Puckdropper, Tue Nov 20 9:28am
        I've missed it two times this year already, to go play hockey! I got the better part of the deal, too. Oh and Happy Birthday! I'm pretty sure you have a November birthday...
        • haha I do! Thanks! Erik, Fri Dec 7 9:54am
          You missed Thanksgiving twice this year? I'm confused....
          • Well... the celebrations.Puckdropper, Sat Dec 8 1:19am
            One was my step father's family's celebration and the other was my dad's brother coming over. Finally attended a dinner with my mom's sister & family.
    • *Ooh Ritzy!Puckdropper, Sun Nov 18 5:35pm
      This one trick will make your Thanksgiving great! What your insurance company doesn't want you to know about thanks giving! Man slams into dominos; how they're picking up the pieces.
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