Bummer Post
Tue Nov 20, 2018 5:24am

So. No updates for NE lately because of "things".

Unfortunately my dad passed a few weeks ago after a long battle with stage IV pancreatic cancer. Honestly, he, and the rest of us, were all lucky he was able to live 2 1/2 years+ at stage IV mostly okay. Most people only get weeks or months. Thankfully my dad was playing golf and mowing lawns up until he went into the hospital. Even then, it seemed like he was coming home before things took a turn.

Honestly, that part still makes me upset. On Friday night he was okay and ready for discharge on Saturday but then things went down fast and by early Thursday morning he was gone. I'm not so upset for myself, I just feel bad for my dad having such little time to accept and understand what is happening in such little time. I can't image feeling okay a Friday night and then being gone before the week's end.

Maybe TMI... if you want skip this part.. but me and my fiancee were the last to see him alive in the hospital. At the end, he was trying to get up but we couldn't do anything about it it... he was too weak to lift himself up but not too weak to fight. I felt terrible thinking that later that night he was dragged to the grave by death.... The day before he asked me to take him home with him 1000x times.... I couldn't do that but even though I couldn't I almost feel like I should have. It was and is heatbreaking. I'm glad my sister wasn't there for the those final days (unless maybe she needs the closure?) it was really rough....

My dad was a very religious person so hopefully in death heaven awaited him with open arms and he was okay. I wasn't there when it exactly happened but he was fighting beforehand. (But he would have been augmentative anyway, even if God told him what was happening)

...Idk the purpose of this post. I think I just need to say it and make it open somewhere.

    • Sorry to hear about your dad...Retna, Mon Nov 26 10:54pm
      Thanks for sharing your story. I think it's cool how your dad fought so hard to the end. It's sad that he lost the fight, but at the same time I think it's inspirational how he wanted to live so bad. ... more
      • Thanks.Erik, Fri Dec 7 9:49am
        Yeah, he definitely had a good run for what he was given. Originally was only told he had a few months and went on to spend the next 2 1/2 years with friends and family enjoying life. He was also... more
    • Ah man, that's tough.Puckdropper, Tue Nov 20 9:54am
      Good to see your dad was able to keep going until just before the end. My grandparents passed on like that and I really think that's the way to go. Glad you found a place to sort your thoughts and... more
      • Thanks.Erik, Fri Dec 7 9:52am
        Yeah, honestly with the deck handed to him being stage IV pancreatic cancer, you couldn't have really hoped for a better run. Like I said in the reply to Retna, he never really got sick from the... more
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