Hard disk failed
Tue Nov 27, 2018 3:41pm

It was a non-event really. I bought a new one and put it in and the array rebuilt.

Now I've got another failure on the same array. I don't know what's happening, but all the disks are the same model and age so I wonder if they've worn out or something. This time I bought two disks, I'll save the second disk for the next failure.

Good thing I went RAID6, if a second disk fails before I get the replacement, I won't lose my array.

    • Planning ahead really does pay off. :)Erik, Fri Dec 7 10:02am
      How soon did the drives fail from each other? It does seem sort of strange they would fail so close in time, right? Would be crazy if they had a built in "max life run time" that sort of killed them... more
      • It was about a monthPuckdropper, Sat Dec 8 1:28am
        I think since the disks were same model and batch, they both hit their MTBF time within just a few hours of each other. It's a QNAP server box. They run about $500-1000 empty and then you have to add ... more
        • Nice!Erik_, Wed Dec 19 3:50pm
          For some reason I wasn't even thinking of a professional set up. (I guess, for me, I don't really have anything too important to warrant something like that). That's pretty cool. Have you noticed... more
          • Is all your code on GITHUB or similar?Puckdropper, Thu Dec 20 3:19pm
            How about those little paint drawings (or whatever) that make you laugh? I figure I put HOURS of work into creating that kind of stuff (well mine are 3D models and CAD drawings), a thousand dollars... more
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