Wed Dec 19, 2018 3:50pm

For some reason I wasn't even thinking of a professional set up. (I guess, for me, I don't really have anything too important to warrant something like that). That's pretty cool.

Have you noticed issues lately with some software not working on Win7 due to it's age? I'm starting to hit that wall with some stuff (I'm looking at you Docker) on my work computer.

  • It was about a monthPuckdropper, Sat Dec 8 1:28am
    I think since the disks were same model and batch, they both hit their MTBF time within just a few hours of each other. It's a QNAP server box. They run about $500-1000 empty and then you have to add ... more
    • Nice! ☻ Erik_, Wed Dec 19 3:50pm
      • Is all your code on GITHUB or similar?Puckdropper, Thu Dec 20 3:19pm
        How about those little paint drawings (or whatever) that make you laugh? I figure I put HOURS of work into creating that kind of stuff (well mine are 3D models and CAD drawings), a thousand dollars... more
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