(Another post...) because it's just a file parser...
Mon Dec 24, 2018 5:27am

It could also create a version of Going Home or even a sequel. I always dug Wry like version of a text adventure you made.

02/19 will be NE's 20th anniversary. Maybe we could make Wry COBOL contain all the episodes from Wry 1, Going Home, Text Game and Numb The Stupid Adventures of JollyR...

Thoughts? Would be a lot of busy work parsing the actual game into .dat files though...

  • I loved the story your story writer wrotePuckdropper, Thu Dec 20 3:22pm
    It was so full of hope and naivety. "Hello World"! What an inspiring message!
    • (Another post...) because it's just a file parser... ☻ Erik, Mon Dec 24 5:27am
      • So your code is kinda split up like this:Puckdropper, Mon Dec 24 3:15pm
        SUB name STORY text OPTIONS choices END SUB So parsing things into screens just means picking up the sub declarations and figuring out where the options go. I did some of that when I got into that... more
        • That's definitely an idea...Erik, Thu Dec 27 10:29am
          Missed Christmas release so maybe Feb 2019 (19th anniversary of NE) would be a good goal to aim for then. I have the parser, Gmail just looks like it decided I'm not allowed to download it anymore... ... more
          • Looks like there's a "Looks safe" option you can try clicking on. Hard to tell if it's actually a hyperlink or not. Modern web design sucks. You're welcome to use whatever you want from the parser... more
            • Nope. No luck.Erik, Fri Dec 28 2:59pm
              Clicking on the "looks safe" didn't change anything except remove the warning from the email. Google still won't let me download the file. Edit: Started working on the parser today from scratch... more
              • So my parser code probably wouldn't help much anyway. If you still want it, I'll find some way to get it to you... probably upload it to my website.
                • If it's not too much trouble..Erik_, Sat Dec 29 4:14am
                  I would like to still check it out again. You might have some ideas and such that I would have missed otherwise. Here is a link to the current status of my hacked together parser I've thrown together ... more
                  • Here ya goPuckdropper, Sun Dec 30 9:53pm
           I got lazy and this is the same file I sent you. I don't remember if I made any changes since then.
                    • Thanks!Erik_, Wed Jan 2 2:39pm
                      Didn't have time yet to go through it too much but I see you also have what looks like multiple passes as well as what I didn't notice until later on that MOST of the game uses SELECT/CASE to sub... more
    • After working more with it though, I feel like that might be more annoying than just manually creating the .dat files for it. I might actually keep the story writer though as a separate program that... more
      • WordsPuckdropper, Tue Dec 25 2:45am
        I wouldn't worry too much about fixing the spelling errors if they get the point across. Some of them, like your "You MAMA" can even be mildly amusing. Removing potentially offensive stuff is... more
        • Some more wordsErik, Thu Dec 27 10:36am
          I see your point with the spelling errors. If I go parser idea like the post above, they'll probably stay. Offensive stuff, I'm not really thinking of cutting too much. I can think of one or maybe... more
          • I forgot about the cheat screenPuckdropper, Fri Dec 28 1:29am
            Hm... I wonder if increasing the STACK environment variable would do any good? I think it was a config.sys thing, STACKS=some value....
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