If it's not too much trouble..
Sat Dec 29, 2018 4:14am

I would like to still check it out again. You might have some ideas and such that I would have missed otherwise.

Here is a link to the current status of my hacked together parser I've thrown together tonight:

Example log output: wry-parser-application.log

Still has a lot to go...

  • So my parser code probably wouldn't help much anyway. If you still want it, I'll find some way to get it to you... probably upload it to my website.
    • If it's not too much trouble.. ☻ Erik_, Sat Dec 29 4:14am
      • Here ya goPuckdropper, Sun Dec 30 9:53pm I got lazy and this is the same file I sent you. I don't remember if I made any changes since then.
        • Thanks!Erik_, Wed Jan 2 2:39pm
          Didn't have time yet to go through it too much but I see you also have what looks like multiple passes as well as what I didn't notice until later on that MOST of the game uses SELECT/CASE to sub... more
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