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Wry Source Parser Finally Successful!
Fri Jan 11, 2019 11:58am

The source parser finally successfully parses and links all the stories in the Wry source code! (There's some formatting errors and the one hospital screen has choice text = null but I can fix that later.)

Just thought it was cool that it actually works. When you play in the debug mode in the parser you can actually play the whole game right there.

Also, I did a line count on the parser vs the original Qbasic source code:
Parser line count: 1,597
Original Source line count: 4,986

That code could be much much more efficient lol. But still pretty cool that ~1,600 lines of code can interpret and run ~5,000 lines of a Qbasic game.

    • Still need to do more debugging and stuff but I'm able to play the dat files in Wry COBOL now as well! Should be good for 02/19 release :)
    • That's awesome!Puckdropper, Fri Jan 11 6:16pm
      So does the parser run by loading screens? I wonder how few lines you could get away with.
      • Sorta....Erik, Sun Jan 13 8:38am
        It runs by loading up a story and presenting each page based on what page you're on.. The parsing app goes through a couple processes before the objects are ready. First it loads up all raw sub data... more
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