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Thu Jan 17, 2019 2:08am


That's sometimes enough to trigger spam filters. Sometimes they get so much spam sent from such a domain that automated spam filters are so sure it's spam it doesn't even make it into your spam box.

UCL is completely on my account. I don't even remember where the old Bravenet forums were. We were looking at shutting UCL down, but someone decided to post a message a few days ago.

  • Like do you have the whole message board and it's database on your hosting account? For some reason I still thought that might have been hosted at brave net or whatever it used to be called. Just... more
    • The message comes from puckdr5 @ ☻ Puckdropper, Thu Jan 17 2:08am
      • to be coming from. :) You guys are really thinking about shutting down UCL? That's crazy. Hasn't it been around since the early 90s? I know the site really hasn't had any updates but the boards still ... more
        • I wonder if we could change that...Puckdropper, Thu Jan 31 2:52pm
          I didn't write the script, so I don't really know. I don't see why we couldn't set a no-reply@uncreativelabs.net or something. (Yeah, that's still iffy but at least it's standard practice of... more
          • but I guess not many people use that function anyway if you're at the point of not wanting to renew the domain. If you ended up not keeping the domain, would you still keep up... more
            • No reason not to.Puckdropper, Mon Mar 11 5:46pm
              I'll hold on to the domains, though. $10 a year to keep them out of some squatter's hands. ICANN should say "websites or no renewal" but they're all a bunch of idiots.
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