Tomorrow starts 02/19... Need to get a ton of stuff done...
Thu Jan 31, 2019 4:28am

for this so it's released sometime this month. :) Work has been crazy busy.

  • Still need to do more debugging and stuff but I'm able to play the dat files in Wry COBOL now as well! Should be good for 02/19 release :)
    • Tomorrow starts 02/19... Need to get a ton of stuff done... ☻ Erik, Thu Jan 31 4:28am
      • 9 extra days... which you'll probably need. It'll be like 25-26 Feb and you'll be done "early". Software schedules are like a piece of woman's clothing. Slips are essential and it's a bad thing when... more
        • you're right, will most likely take until the end of the month. I haven't had really any time lately to work on it and the deadline is approaching quick!
          • You've got a whole week.Puckdropper, Tue Feb 12 8:30pm
            Whoosh! What a great sound a deadline makes when it goes flying by! lol
            • LOL!Erik, Sun Feb 17 1:27am
              Just fixed a few more bugs and stuff with Wry COBOL last night. Should have time tomorrow or Tuesday to work on it more. Will probably end up doing like Santa's Christmas Rescue. Release the current... more
              • Completely playable is a great start!Puckdropper, Sun Feb 17 11:31pm
                Especially now that you won't run out of stack space. :-)
                • Well... I missed the release date hahaErik, Thu Feb 21 2:37am
                  Not because of not being done. I tagged the release of the parsing app in GitHub, didn't get around to doing the same for the COBOL app or updating the website. Also need to create the Windows... more
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