Release: Wry COBOL and Wry Parser
Tue Feb 26, 2019 12:43pm

Little late to posting on the forum. Posted early 2/22 on new page though.

Wry Parser is tagged as complete in it's current state. It worked well enough to create the data files for Wry COBOL without errors so figured it's good to go.

Wry COBOL is also tagged as v1.0 complete. Right now I have the source and the .deb package for it tagged in GitHub. You can install/uinstall the deb package on Debian based Linux distros using dpkg.

Still need to work on getting binaries for Windows though.

Wry COBOL release:
Wry Parser release:

    • I'm still mostly Windows here...Puckdropper, Wed Feb 27 4:14am
      I wonder if the Octoprint bundle will install those packages... It's apparently running Raspbian which is based on Debian. I might have to give that a try when I get some free time.
      • Haven't tried to install and run on Raspian on my Pi. The deb package is a binary file with support text based dat files so not sure if it will run if the cpu arch isn't x64 (which it was compiled... more
        • I'm not printingPuckdropper, Wed Mar 6 4:06pm
          so I tried it. This may not be straight Rasbian, but should be close enough. Downloaded the file, used the sudo dpkg -i file command, and it installed just fine. When I tried to run it, I get:... more
          • Compiling from source doesn't workPuckdropper, Wed Mar 6 4:16pm
            I installed opencobol sudo apt-get install opencobol then followed your compiler invoke instructions. Here's the errors: pi@octopi:~/wry-cobol- $ cobc -x -o bin/wry-cobol... more
            • I'm having a similar issue trying to get the Windows executable built. cobc doesn't produce the executable for some reason but, for me, also didn't throw any errors. On yours, the warning should be... more
              • Got it working...Erik , Sun Mar 17 2:58am
                Looks like the bin directory needed to be created manually before running the cobc command. Also, you'll need the data directory from either the installed deb package that won't run or through... more
    • *Also NE is now over 20 years old!! (nm)Erik, Tue Feb 26 12:48pm
      • Congratuations to NE!Puckdropper, Wed Feb 27 4:11am
        Next year we're gonna take it out and get it drunk on orange juice! (So the story is I and my almost girlfriend don't drink. So instead of wine she served orange juice. I think it's hilarious and... more
        • My friend also doesn't drink. Back in the day when we used to play Beer pong, he would play with milk. Milk. Not sure how he didn't throw up but in the course of a night he easily had a gallon of it.
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