Windy dot com
Wed Feb 27, 2019 1:03pm

I'm impressed. When you load the site, it loads what has to be a few thousand points of data and it pops right up. In the source it looked like it was loading wind vectors and points then letting the browser do the hard work of animating and plotting them.

The only thing it's missing for my purposes is real-time data. We're sitting here with a ceiling of 1400' and the model the site defaults to is showing clear skies.

    • Moves really quick too.Erik, Wed Mar 27 2:53am
      According to the memory snapshot in Firefox it's only using like 23MB to render. In contrast, NE homepage was using 17MB.
      • That's impressivePuckdropper, Wed Mar 27 6:27pm
        Way better than a 1MB image that's only shown as a 128x128 picture.
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