I've got like half of it on my blog software
Wed Apr 3, 2019 7:13pm

There's the database and message storage, I wonder how much effort it would take to convert the front end to a webforum like this one?

  • Oh no!Erik, Tue Apr 2 1:18pm
    I knew this would have come eventually... I'm guessing having Facebook forum groups and the PHP boards that were popular before that, user count here must be extremely low. 20 years is a crazy amount ... more
    • I've got like half of it on my blog software ☻ Puckdropper, Wed Apr 3 7:13pm
      • Hopefully the front end isn't too bad...Erik, Thu May 2 3:46pm
        Formatting wise, hopefully we can just "borrow" a bunch of the source that's already on the page. My thoughts on possible implementation in just a off the top of my head lists: Database Thread table... more
        • So the front end is basicallyPuckdropper, Fri May 3 6:42am
          unordered lists with a margin property. It's been suggested to use DIVs for that, so it doesn't interfere with the side-effect heavy CSS if you actually want a HTML list. So it's like: CSS:... more
          • Little Bobby TablesErik, Tue May 21 2:45am
            I remember back when I was working on my first actual work project, an internal ticketing system for my old company, my lead used the "Bobby Tables" xkcd comic to explain how important prepared... more
            • sujErik, Tue Jul 23 2:39am
        • Nested thread/reply stored procErik, Thu May 2 5:16pm
          Dug around and found one. Wasn't exactly the one I was thinking of so I'll have to do more digging. This one works backwards from bottom reply to top thread instead of top thread to bottom reply like ... more
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