Fri Jun 21, 2019 5:27pm

Did you guys do the pre-approval thing on the mortgage? I remember doing that when we got our house and I think it made things go smoother getting to closing. Though I used my bank as my mortgage company too so that might have been what helped as well.

Hope all goes well with the house buying!

  • Engaged!Puckdropper, Wed Jun 19 5:06pm
    I got engaged a month ago. I've been busy with this and that and haven't really taken any time to check in here. Maybe it'll get better as things settle. We're looking at buying a house, but the bank ... more
    • Congrats!!! ☻ Erik, Fri Jun 21 5:27pm
    • Congratulations! Retna, Thu Jun 20 12:16am
      And hope all goes well in house buying.
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