*Hows everyone's summer going so far? (nm)
Fri Jul 5, 2019 2:10am

    • Busy!Puckdropper, Tue Jul 16 10:29pm
      I'm trying to buy a house, keep a Fiancee happy, and prep for a trip to Kenya to actually marry her. I'm also trying to teach my family what they need to do to keep up this place outside.
      • Kenya? That's awesome!Erik_, Wed Jul 17 1:58am
        You guys are getting married there? My fiancee went to Tanzania right next door with her friend a few years ago for a month and absolutely loved it. Her friend has done a bunch of trips there and... more
        • impediment to marriage", which the US doesn't do. "Fun" stuff. Tanzania is just South of Kenya. Kenya is probably just as beautiful, if not more so. We'll be staying in Nairobi, so it'll be really... more
          • Found that silly thing...Puckdropper, Tue Jul 30 6:17am
            I just asked Peoria County for a marriage certificate and they issued a document saying they couldn't find one.
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