AWS deployment beta site (url inside)
Wed Jul 10, 2019 11:59am

Deployed in AWS using postgresql instead of mysql.

Here's a link to the test site:

If it goes down, it's because the SQL creds changed. they're rolling creds and haven't had time to set up pulling them dynamically yet. (Just set this up this AM)

New threads, replies and such should all work

  • Making some good progress on the disc app remake from the ground up. Currently main page pulls prologue, threads, config, etc from database based on application id in url. going to add epilogue now.... more
    • Should be able to import all the records from this disc app into the new one by using the SQL script they provide to load up a local DB with the current entries and then write a quick tool that just... more
      • way there if the front end supports it.
        • Yeah looks to be!Erik_, Wed Jul 17 1:51am
          There's a few fields in their dump that I don't have in my database pertaining to show/hide email and stuff but I can add those in. Should all map to what I have pretty nicely! :) Still need to work... more
          • Although, did you reimplement future posting? I just noticed the form parameters were passed by GET and not POST. I don't see why he'd have a problem with it, shoot your code might even wind up being ... more
            • *Oh you did. :-) (nm)Puckdropper, Wed Jul 17 4:03am
              • On accident. :)Erik_, Thu Jul 18 4:53am
                Here's the current bugs/features I just threw together. Feel free to add more if you find any and feel like it.
    • AWS deployment beta site (url inside) ☻ Erik_, Wed Jul 10 11:59am
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