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part 2
Tue Dec 23, 2008 08:26 (XFF:

This Jew tells the truth for example he describe Mel Gibson's art; "The Passion" is the first film Gibson has directed since winning an Academy Award for Braveheart... "It must be admitted at the outset that the Talmud and the talmudic literature ... contain very offensive statements and precepts directed specifically against Christianity. For example, in addition to a series of scurrilous allegations against Jesus, the Talmud states that his punishment in hell is to be immersed in boiling excrement ... Jewish children are actually taught - passages such as that which commands every Jew, whenever passing near a cemetery, to utter a blessing if the cemetery is Jewish, but to curse the mothers of the dead if it is non-Jewish."
- I know and fascist Jews hate each other, too.. I have a newspaper here, Hurriyet, published by Jewish lobbies in Minor Asia and daily sells one-half million issue...
- One-half million in a day in a little population?!.. Wow!.. Poor human being!.. I understand better how the Laponians colonized and the world never heard their reactions...
- It's an another tragedie under zionist pressure process... Wait, I'll translate a paragraph; there the propagandist chiefs of Mo$$ad spread lies against Yilmaz GÜNEY and Mel Gibson and this writer...
- Shahak lives in Middle East, Gibson in USA and Yilmaz GÜNEY lived usually in TurCIA... But the lie machines find all the true intellectuals worldwide... I understand better now, what does "The wold dominated danger" means... Zionist imperialism has all kind of hate and lie machines against the true artists, philosopher, intellectuals...
- Do you give me this DN, Jewish propagand nespaper?
- But you don't know any single word in Turkish language, nor hebreic?!
- It's true!.. But I need go to WC and our toilett-paper finished...
- ?!



- Yilmaz GÜNEY was prisoner in Midilli-Island in Turkey and this situation exposed parallell points with prisoner Abdullah ÖCALAN!..
- A Prison for One? Tell more, please!..
- There is a short film, documentary here...
- Let's watch!..
- It labelled: "When solitary confinement really means solitary confinement"...
- Go on!..
- On Thursday (May 12, 2005), the European Court of Human Rights ruled that the 1999 trial of Kurdish dissident leader Abdullah Ocalan was "unfair." Ocalan had been detained on the island of Ìmralı in the months leading up to his trial, with little opportunity to meet with lawyers and prepare his case. Since arriving on the remote island, located 30 miles from Istanbul in the Sea of Marmara, Ocalan has been its sole inmate. There's a whole island for just one person?

Yep. The Turkish government considers Ocalan a dangerous terrorist, blaming him for the deaths of more than 30,000 people. İmralı only became a one-man prison when he got there; from the 1930s, it had been a low-security prison for small-time criminals. Up until Ocalan's capture, about 250 inmates lived on the 4-square-mile island of pine groves and sandy beaches. They worked in agriculture, herding sheep and growing olives for sale on the mainland. When Ocalan arrived, these inmates were shipped elsewhere, and the prison guards were replaced with elite commandos. Ìmralı and the surrounding waters are now closed to all nongovernment air and sea traffic.

- Who is Abdullah ÖCALAN?
- To the majority of the Turkish people, Abdullah Ocalan (pronounced URGE'ah-lohn) is a child murderer and terrorist whose violent campaign for Kurdish autonomy threatens the very foundation of modern-day multiethnic Turkey.

But for many Kurds -- both in the impoverished southeast of Turkey and abroad -- Ocalan and his banned Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) are battling Ankara's iron-fisted oppression of Kurdish culture, identity and political aspirations.

So who is this man who has spent much of his life outside Turkey and now risks being executed for his terrorist/freedom fighter campaign?

A number of biographical dates and developments have been reported repeatedly by Turkish, Kurdish and international media.

Ocalan was born in 1948 in the village of Omerli in southeastern Turkey, close to the Syrian border.

He became politically active during his university years in Ankara, where he studied political science but dropped out. By 1973 he had organized a Maoist group whose goal was a socialist revolution. He founded the PKK in 1978 as an Anti-Imperialist Proletarian Revolutionary Party that launched a war against the Turkish government in order to set up an independent Kurdish state along Marxist lines.

Ocalan fled Turkey before the 1980 military coup and lived in exile, mostly in the Syrian capital Damascus and in the Lebanese plains under Syrian control, where he set up his PKK headquarters and training camps.

Late last year, under intense pressure from Turkey, Syria closed the camps and expelled Ocalan, who started an odyssey through various nations in search of political asylum. In February, he was nabbed in Kenya after an undercover Mo$$ad engineed operation and spirited back to Turkey.

- What is his mission... Also;
Ocalan, a heavily built man with a thick black mustache, propagates a Cold War brand of nationalism mixed with Marxist-Leninist doctrine that in many ways belongs to another era.

"You must believe before everything else that the revolution must come, that there is no other choice," he is reported to have said in an address to a Kurdish youth rally last August.

"You must say no to betrayal and denial. Even though I am 50 years old, I have never allowed myself to get old. I am going on with the struggle."

But the man who is said to speak very little Kurdish has gradually dropped his demands for Kurdish independence, saying the violent conflict can end if Ankara grants the Kurds autonomy or cultural and linguistic rights.

That retreat, some observers say, may well be linked to the Turkish military's success in destroying much of the PKK's power base both inside Turkey and across the border in northern Iraq.

Turkish journalists who have interviewed Ocalan have come away with the impression of a "megalomaniac" and "sick" man who has no respect for or understanding of the "superior values of European civilization."

"Everyone should take note of the way I live, what I do and what I don't do," a December edition of the Turkish Daily News quoted Ocalan as saying in one of his many speeches.

"The way I eat, the way I think, my orders and even my inactivity should be carefully studied. There will be lessons to be learned from several generations because Apo (Ocalan) is a great teacher," he is quoted as saying.

By many accounts from inside and outside Turkey, Ocalan is a dogmatic and tyrannical leader whose organization is involved in drug trafficking, robbery, extortion, arson, blackmail and money laundering.

Some international human rights monitors have put him on a par with former Chilean dictator Gen. Augusto Pinochet or war crimes suspect Radovan Karadzic in Bosnia-Herzegovina.

Many international Turkey watchers agree that Ocalan wiped out rival Kurdish movements as well as potential personal rivals with ruthless determination.

According to the Turkish Daily News, Ocalan underlined his personal hunger for absolute power at the helm of the PKK in a party publication in 1991.

"I establish a thousand relationships every day and destroy a thousand political, organizational, emotional and ideological relationships. No one is indispensable for me. Especially if there is anyone who eyes the chairmanship of the PKK. I will not hesitate to eradicate them. I will not hesitate in doing away with people," he is quoted as saying.

And yet, for PKK members and many of their supporters, both inside and outside Turkey, Ocalan is a hero: a determined leader who has been struggling against the cultural, economic and political deprivations imposed on the Kurdish people by Ankara.

"The name of Apo has been identified with the Kurdish people who have risen and are fighting for independence," a pro-Kurdish publication says of Ocalan, in line with many similar statements broadcast by the London-based Kurdish Med-TV station.

In Ocalan's Words...
"Turkey has to be democratized and the emergence of democracy is from the East (Anatolia). The East will render a great service to the democratic liberation of Turkey. In other words: our movement is the liberation movement of the Turkish people."


"I used to be someone who would not even tread on an ant. But this is a war for honor and self-defense. A 100 percent elimination policy (by Ankara of the Kurds) has forced me to defense and it has become a glorious defense of a people."


"Turkey will lose if it does not soften its hard policies of centralization and unity. I am not someone who would gloat over the collapse of Turkey. If they (the government) have trust in democracy, I am ready to join them as a fighter without arms."

— All quotes from a 1991 interview with Turkish journalist Sema Emiroglu



- Same destiny like ÖCALAN and GÜNEY, 'cause system is same, Fascist Turkey.
- There are the common points with other intellectuals for instance Atom EGONYAN's film Ararat and Midnight Experess of ...
- I understand!.. Who are working for human-being there we see the Mafia figures of dictatur regmes... Do you compare Ararart, Midnight express with the films of Yilmaz GÜNEY?
- Well!.. I have hesitated to see this film for many reasons, some might be obvious but others might not. I watched it on Starz the other night. I had questioned whether to go ahead and view or instead watch "All or Nothing" by one of the cinema's most intriquing directors, Mike Leigh, on another cable network. But, for better or worse, I am glad I saw this film. For starters, I have always been an admirer of Atom Egoyan. I feel he was snubbed, and should have been a best director Oscar nominee for "The Sweet Hereafter" (1997). I think he is very brave for making this film for surely even within the Armenian community there are many political povs about this issue and about how they should feel about it. I will refrain from getting into the politics of the subject matter of "Ararat" and into my own personal view about this controversy which is very much riddled in red tape for reasons I understand all too painfully well. Sadly, the rest of the world probably never will. Except, I will say, that the problem is two-fold. One, there is the Armenian conflict that Turkey and Turkish people do not accept or have outright distorted their view of history. Second, there is the reality that Turkey and the Turkish culture is very much hated, despised and oppressed in the West for reasons that partially stem from this issue as well as many others. I challenge any of you to go to a Blockbuster, or any other video store and try to find a Turkish film. I am 99 percent you will not find one even though the list of outstanding Turkish film directors is one which includes the likes of Yilmaz Guney, the director of "Baba" (The Father) "Yol" -- who was admittedly censored considerably in Turkey until recently (he died in political exile in France some 20 years ago), Ali Ozgenturk who directed "At---The Horse" and Sinan Cetin who directed the outstanding, internationally praised political comedy "Propaganda." I could also mention Serif Goren, Zeki Okten and so many others. It is a simple truth that while the West criticizes Turkey for various infractions, including its' treatment of ethnic Kurds, yet it continously suppresses the Turkish culture and Turkish people itself. Having grown up in the USA, and being half-American, I can validfy that this is the way it is. It may not be intentional, but all of us know that it some form or fashion 'the n----rs of Europe" tag applied to Turkish-Europeans applies to all of us. Now having said this one might think, I am going to criticize Egoyan for making this film. But, he has every artistic right to make "Ararat" and everyone, including people in Turkey, have a right to view this film and make their own decisions about this film. I do not consider "Ararat" a hate film as some others like "Midnight Express" and arguably "America, America" are. However, I do think the character of Ali, played by Elias Koteas, who was great in "The Thin Red Line" is cookie-cutter stereotype of Turkish-Westerners. He seems like a deliberately crude person who says things like "let's just drop our 'expletive' history" and he seems like a person devoid of any intellectual curiosity. Even though I have nothing against homosexuals, I don't think it was appropriate to make this character homosexual either. By doing so, the character plays into a stereotype that Billy Hayes utilized in his book (perhaps novel would be a more accurate word) "Midnight Express." This is the notion that all Turks are 'secretly gay' and therefore they are 'violent towards women.' My statements may seem outright ridicilous but few of you have probably endured the subliminal hatred that each of us who live in the West know to be a true fact of life. The film in a film scenes of the film actually are not ones which bother me as much. There is clearly a dark history here and it somehow has to be approached diplomatically but until the abuse of the Turkish culture is also approached, I am afraid as it was once said in "Cool Hand Luke." --- we will always have a failure to communicate.




Chapter -II-


Just after his death, Yilmaz GÜNEY was been used by the judaized Imperialism.
- Example?
- GÜNEY Kultur monthly, it's redaction league. Under lead of Ìlyas EMÌR, this cultural symbol used as a weapon against Humanist culture. Several times we detected the Jewish Imperialist propaganda matters on the pages of Ìlyas Fascio-gang members. Look at here; all the Jewish figures and their lies were been published.. Here, coverage os coward Charlatan CHAPLIN. Everyone knows, CHAPLIN was non-talented poor coward. Zionist lobbies still pumping such figures, because of his roles against the Socialists.

Zionist-sect-converted Fascists still misusing the name of Yilmaz GÜNEY, for instance Jewish convert bastard provocateur Ìlyas EMÌR>


Well! The Truth is harder then Jewish condoms; as you witness here: Simply Jewish propaganda via Charlie Clownery
Falsification market: Güney Sakat manipulation Mafia published CHARLO and here too GÜNEY used as mask. Reality is not secret more... The true reason to publish this instrument, because CHARLO was bastard-Jew; nothing else...

Falsification market: Güney Sakat manipulation Mafia published ROSENBERGs and here too GÜNEY used as mask. Reality is not secret more... The true reason to publish this instrument, because ROSENBERGs were Jews; nothing else...

Falsification market: Güney Sakat manipulation Mafia published FREUD and here too GÜNEY used as mask. Reality is not secret more... The true rea

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