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part 3
Tue Dec 23, 2008 08:27 (XFF:

Falsification market: Güney Sakat manipulation Mafia published FREUD and here too GÜNEY used as mask. Reality is not secret more... The true reason to publish this instrument, because FREUD was bastard-Jew; nothing else...

Falsification market: Güney Sakat manipulation Mafia published SHAKESPEARE' and here too. GÜNEY used as mask. Reality is not secret more... The true reason to publish this instrument, because SHAKESPEARE' was Evangelian-bastard-Jew; nothing else...>

Falsification market: Güney Sakat manipulation Mafia published BRECHT and here too. GÜNEY used as mask. Reality is not secret more... The true reason to publish this instrument, because BRECHT was Jew; nothing else...>

Falsification market: Güney Sakat manipulation Mafia published Helene WEIGEL and here too. GÜNEY used as mask. Reality is not secret more... The true reason to publish this instrument, because Helene WEIGEL was bastard-Jew; nothing else...and back page; same shìt

Falsification market: Güney Sakat manipulation Mafia published KAFKA and here too. GÜNEY used (again and again) as a simply mask. Reality is not secret more... The true reason to publish this instrument, because KAFKA was bastard-Jew; nothing else...

The name of Yýlmaz Güney was been misused just after his death. There are several misusers/betrayers in the Imperialist markets, one of these kinky jackals: Ìlyas Emir>>>

- I know this liar, Ìlyas EMÌR. he is a ridiculous scammer!.. Yilmaz GÜNEY never met him and they never been friends... Ìlyas is a dangerous pragmatist, uses an important symbol for disinformation. EMÌR's monthly contains almost the non-talented migrant parasites...
- It's true! I read all the issues of this fake culture-monthly... Terrible! No art, no idea, no any piece of cultural values...
- Anti-Humanist lobbies gave money to this guy and the other parasites around him...
- Unfortunately, Fatos GÜNEY couldn't get true information about such charlatans!...

Related media link:
Yes! That is the shocking truth! Zionist provocateur Ìlyas EMÌR misused the name of Yilmaz GÜNEY and misused his work, too! At last the gangsters of the EMÌR&Co masonry coup exposed by their own pictures online:
fake: original:
The original photograph shows the German leaders Hindenburg, the Kaiser and Ludendorff, looking at military maps at German headquarters.
The French paper "Les Annales" of January 27, 1918 retouched in a map of the Balkans and parts of Russia to show Germany's alleged megalomania. They did not forget to make the faces look more brutal and sinister


- "The Movie "Borat" and the Success of Comedy about Jews", reported by Mark Farrell on 11 November 2006

Not too long ago, someone forwarded me a link to an online movie, "Throw the Jew Down the Well." Curiously, I clicked on the link. A man, wearing a cowboy and who had a noticeable foreign accent with poor English, was introduced at a country bar. He was said to have come from Kazakhstan. This man, "Borat," began singing a song that surprised me a bit to hear. It went like this:


In my country there is problem,/

And that problem is transport./

It take very, very long,/

Because Kazakhstan is big. /

Chorus 1/

Throw transport down the well. (repeat line)/

So my country can be free. (repeat line)/

We must make travel easy. (repeat line)/

Then we’ll have a big party. (repeat line)/

Verse 2/

In my country there is problem./

And that problem is the Jew./

They take everybody money./

And they never give it back./

Chorus 2/

Throw the Jew down the well. (repeat line)/

So my country can be free. (repeat line)/

You must grab him by his horns. (repeat line)/

Then we have a big party. (repeat line)/

Verse 3/

If you see the Jew coming,/

You must be careful of his teeth./

You must grab him by his money./

And I tell you what to do./

(Repeat Chorus 2 twice)

I soon found out that this man who was singing the song, "Borat" as he was called, was actually a Jew by the name of Sacha (Alexander) Baron Cohen, an English comedian merely pretending to be from Kazakhstan. But what about the people in the bar?

Were they all just actors in on the joke, or were they really folks at a country bar, having a good time and enjoying the lyrics as it appeared? Most in the video clip were clapping and singing along, and it certainly looked like they were enjoying his song.

A day or so later, I was listening to a radio talkshow about how a man took his wife to see the movie "Borat," and she got extremely upset with him. The man who called in to the radio station quickly asked if he "forget to mention that" his wife is "Jewish"? It sounded like he got quite a reaction from her--so much so that he said he was never allowed to choose a movie again.

I decided that I too wanted to see this movie "Borat"--the full title for which was called, in intentional broken English, "Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan."

I thought that the video clip I saw must've come from that film, and, in a social experiment, thought I'd test this response he got by clapping along to the song, too, during the movie. Would people join in the clapping? Would they tell me to shut up? Would they clam up? I thought it would be interesting to see their reactions.

When I went to see the movie, that clip was lacking. I later learned that the clip probably came from Borat's TV show, called "Da Ali G Show." Nevertheless, there were several scenes that made fun of Jews, and the audience, comprised mostly by college-age students, laughed along--quite loudly, in fact.

The very first part of the movie had a clip where Borat was talking about one of the events of his country called "The Running of the Jew." A man, wearing a large costume of a devilish-looking Jew, was released into a large, fenced area. Soon thereafter, many people from the village were let loose in the area, and they began chasing this "Jew." Eventually, they caught him, at which time he laid an egg. The egg was then destroyed. The audience began to hysterically laugh.

Not too much later, Borat went to buy a car. He said that he did not want to take a plane, because he was concerned about the safety of flying, since the Jews were responsible for 9-11. You could hear a few "gasps" in the audience, followed by some good laughing as well.

One scene that I found particularly amusing was when Borat and his cohort went to an inn. When he went inside, he at first didn't seem to recognize the fact that his hosts were Jews--despite the fact that the innkeeper wore a Jewish beanie. Borat noticed a picture on the wall of an older, bearded man, and asked about it. His hosts, an older, seemingly nice couple, explained it was a picture of a rabbi, and that they were also Jews. At this time, Borat began to panic a great deal. He went up to his room. His hosts soon followed, bringing him up some food. Appearing to be concerned about them poisoning him, Borat reluctantly ate the food, but diverted his host's attention and spat it out. After they went downstairs, Borat told his colleague that they must escape, lest the Jews kill them. Later that night, Borat and his friend noticed some small cockroaches by their door. Thinking that perhaps these cockroaches were the Jews in disguise, Borat tossed some dollars to the "Jews" and ran away.

At the conclusion of the movie, he notes that people in Kazakhstan are Christians now and, therefore, no longer hate Jews. The movie then shows a clip of a Jew tied to a cross, being prodded with a pitchfork by the townspeople.

The movie isn't just limited to humor about Jews, which I suspect is only allowed because the main actor is himself Jewish.

There are also some pretty crude scenes, such as when he visits a homosexual-pride parade (and doesn't realize it) and also when he gets into a wrestling match in the nude with his friend over his friend "admiring" Borat's book about Pamela Anderson. It's definitely not something for children in any case.

The movie has become a smashing hit. Despite being allowed in very few theaters across the U.S., making it difficult for movie viewers, it was the top-grossing movie, making $26.5 million last weekend. It seems that, while Jews seem to monopolize the media for the most part, people still can get a good laugh at them. And many Jews don't like it, probably believing that comedy should be limited to only making fun of other groups, particularly country-whites and equally, if not even more so, Germans. Borat has undoubtedly filled a void. It reminds me of another smash hit about three decades ago, "The Kentucky Fried Movie," which had some comical bits about Jews and was also very successful.

Russia is currently considering banning the movie "Borat" altogether. The Associated Press reported that the Russian "Federal Agency for Culture and Cinematography said the film could offend some viewers and contained material that 'might seem disparaging in relation to certain ethnic groups and religions.'" Source

Still, I wonder if any concern has ever been given to anti-Christian films that may have shown there?

Borat's success is a sign that other productions could be made about Jews, making fun of them. It's about time that someone made a movie joking about the Jews. It's just sad that only a Jew has done this so far.


- "Jew Propaganda Ramps Up Against Hitler; again", reported on 24 November 2006

German cinema breaks new ground in January with its first comedy about Hitler-- Jewish director Dani Levy is following in the footsteps of Charlie Chaplin, maker of "The Great Dictator," with a decidedly unsympathetic portrayal of Hitler as a bed-wetting drug addict who is making the world suffer for his beatings as a child.

Hitler likes to play with his toy battleship in the bath, wets his bed, can't get an erection and is addicted to drugs he keeps in his giant globe, according to Germany's first comedy about the Führer, made by Jewish director Dani Levy.

"Mein Führer: The Truly Truest Truth about Adolf Hitler," which received public funding, opens in January and fits a recent trend in Germany to break new ground in dealing with its Nazi history.

Swiss director Levy says he wants to follow in the tradition of Charlie Chaplin's 1940 classic "The Great Dictator," and to take a tongue-in-cheek look at the theory that Hitler was taking revenge on the world for being beaten by his father.

Behind all the gags it's evident that Levy has a serious message. He said he was inspired by a theory that Hitler was making the world suffer because of his unhappy childhood. "The 'analytical journey' Hitler embarks on with his 'therapist' Grünbaum is based on true material," said Levy. "I have been wondering for a long time why nobody made a film about this link, in the form of a drama or a comedy."

The filming in Berlin already caused a stir. In March, Levy decked out Berlin's central Lustgarten square in giant swastika banners and hired hundreds of extras to wave swastika and cheer "Heil Hitler" for his final scene.



- "Here We Go Again", reported on 8 december 2006

Mel Gibson produced the Passion of the Christ for which the Jews worked him over. If he hadn’t picked up on what the Jews were about in his previous Hollywood experiences, he certainly figured them out during the Passion experience in which he varied from their authorized view of the world and paid for it.

Then he just happened to be stopped by one of the few Jewish policeman and was accused of denouncing the policeman as a Jew. Was this because he was frequently stopped by the police, but all of the other ethnic groups let him go because he was Mel Gibson, but the Jews wouldn’t? Was this just one of those things that can randomly happen that is not probable, but possible? Many think he was set up.

Obviously the Jews have targeted Mel Gibson for special handling, so they will be searching for anyone and anything that can generate a complaint.

Maya upset by new Gibson movie - By Mica Rosenberg in Guatemala -December 07, 2006 12:10pm - MUCH like his bloody epic about the death of Christ, a new Mel Gibson production about the collapse of the Mayan civilisation is angering members of the culture it depicts even before it hits the screen.

The Passion of the Christ was accused by some of being anti_Semitic _ long before Gibson's career_damaging outbursts against a Jewish policeman in Malibu this year.

Now indigenous activists in Guatemala, once home to a large part of the Mayan empire that built elaborate jungle cities in southern Mexico and northern Central America centuries ago, say his film Apocalypto is racist.


- I think it's wrong to Compare Yilmaz GÜNEY with Mel GIBSON...
- ...and then?
- Compare GÜNEY with Ernesto Che GUEVARA!

Orhan PAMUK and such system-screenplayers NEVER PROTESTED the Massacre on The Children>

Yilmaz GÜNEY and such true Artists always SAVED the RIGHTS of the CHILDREN

- Che too wrote several poems, articles...
- Yes, it's! Like Yilmaz GÜNEY! Both are the revolutionary poets, writers...


- The Wall and The YOL: from Revolutionary Artist Yilmaz GÜNEY to the Nobel-brothel's screenplayer Ohan PAMBOK...tam bok, means: from a Honoured Art Point in Middle East to the judaized piggies&doggies' Great USraeli Buyyuk Ortadogu Project!
- Poor TurCIA!


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        The Wall and The YOL: from Revolutionary Artist Yilmaz GÜNEY to the Nobel-brothel's screenplayer Ohan PAMBOK...tam bok, means: from a Honoured Art Point in Middle East to the judaized... more
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          Gitaï's film expresses a lack of confidence in leadership and, in this way, Kedma can be understood as a reading (and viewing) of Exodus. There is, in fact, a remarkable parallel development of the... more
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            The implicit thesis of their commercially successful, “bestselling” book (excerpted prior to publication in Reader’s Digest and released in English and French) is that both sides had reasons to... more
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              (The Middle East magazine, Juanuary 1983" +-+-+ bne lyas >mir, typical betrayer; maliciously he misused the name of GÜNEY, several years long...... more
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