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Max B. SIMIC, Knutby
Dawit Isaak (b. 1964) was chief provocateur by Mo$$ad. But
Mon Mar 23, 2009 13:00 (XFF:

U$A&U$rael-connected well-selected agents/ provokatörer som experter att hetsa folkgupper mot varandra/slakta försvarslösa, speciellt i Eritrea, Ethiopia, Sudan, Mozambik häromdagen:

Dawit Isaak (b. 1964) was chief provocateur by Mo$$ad. But braveheart Eritreans succeed to catch this cloackrat! It’s wonderful, b loody criminal ISAAK is sitting now in a JobCentre in Asmara. Congratulations Eritrean people!

ISAAK-klanens valpar: Dawit har tre barn, dvs tre parasiter till att suga ut folket (plus en extra fru i Scandinavia som också fr. en judiskklan som bakgrund: BERHANE) Alltså, Sofia BERHANE (fru) och barnen: Danait ISSAK b. 1998 (om Dawit var i fängelse vem som producerade den lille valpen då???); flickena Betlehem ISAAK, tvillingbroern Yoran ISAAK som samtliga placerade si Kortedala, Goetheburg.

Eva ELMSÄTER: ordförande i Reportrar u. g. (utan genetiska human-karaktär). Den här horan får en fullständig lön också ur kassan af Sveriges tv/radio...

Leif ÖBRINK: självutnämnd ordförande i flera provokativa facistiska rörelser bl. a. i stödföreningen Free Dawit Isaak (trots den hunden Dawit är fri, i verkligheten...) Mesta opererar ifrån Lerum.

Bengt SPARRE: är Sveriges ambassadör nere i Eritrea nu. Han som delar korruptpeng till diktaturer att köpa ertappade kriminella, inte minst Dawit SAAK. SPARRE köpte förut en annan agenbt af USrael, dt utspelades i Jemen. Dåtiden friges kriminella instrumenten, heter Anders SALENIUS.

Agneta Lindblom HULTÉN: Journalistförbundets ordförande

Swedish Amnesty Bolaget skänker korruptpeng till sina samverkande i diktaturländer så att frige sionistiska&samverkande kriminella. Det gör likaskitiga Reportrar utan g. och Svenska (israels, men varudeklarationen lurigt, som ni bevittnar...) Journalistförbundet...
- Vänta; ett öfonblick!.. Vem som är framträdande som enögda?
- Den juden heter Arne RUTH, rektor i Journalist School...
- Men vad gör tel Aviv School's rektor i Sverige?
- Nej!.. Han placerades som rektor på den svenska journalistskolan!
- ?!
- ?!


- What is the difference between Schindler's List and SvekCIA Kingdom's above list?
- Spielberg is no one typ of fatty imbecill nor plays premier role on his Hollywood!.
- ?!


...yes; because of...


- This is wrong and nonchalance by the system...
- Most biggest wrong is by the masses! Two-legged mass going in silence and it's incredible, the majority nonchalances it's own future...
- Frightened!!


Yes, the Jews are talking much more on Democracy, Humanism etc. They use woldwide conferences like a contemporary industry.. But we witness meanwhile they continue to eliminate dissidents, massacre the oppressed peoples, killing children on the occupied areas... It's their traditionally character "to say one thing, doing another thing"....;conference=10500000000000159;posting=19500000002283952

...almost hacked fotos, unfortunately...

Imperialists have experiences and it's theit true profession.. They are the ABUSERS!


- Berzelius park of Stockholm turned to a kind officiall-weared--liars'-fabrik so called "Brainwashing-open-air-labb." How should you comment thus swine-project?
- Sir, you know the true history of the true dictators and ...ed masses who scammed by democratic lies... Meanwhile we must accept, Jews and collaborated piggiesd&doggies are not idiotics!. They are experienced and traditionally engageed to plunder everything... Everything is available to be used like shit and every piece of shit can be used like monuments if only shit owned by the Jews, okay?!
- Gosh!..
- Yes, Gosh too!.. And this flock's agenda looks like a chain and the satellite countries of ZOG are simply circles on the chain...
- What is the special with Sweden, Sir?
- Circle was been handled and used in both holes...
- Special tasks demand special process...
- Definitely!.. I think it's very sexual special position, nowadays... Therefore the Jews are very carefully on the northern part of the World... They don't use shikorsky helicopters on such areas but cultural/institutional investments...
- Is sexual investments are a kind cultural weapon?
- If you awakened, yes!.. Read, please!.. In humanbeing's true history we read that every dictators choose to ... the Swedish or Caucassian girls!.. And I think this is the important reason, Jews are investing so hard to use such satellites like their Mammeles' extra brothels!
- Wow!.. Wonderful described!
- Well, I practized by their mothers!.. I know these bastards like a close expert, since twenty years!...
- I respect your experiences, Sir!
- Respect yourself too, dear oppressed people!.. I continue with Jews&two-legged jackals.... These freak plunderers are always eager to build much more areas like satellite kingdoms...
- Big Brother needs Big Brothels, you mean...
- Oh, you awakened earlier than I thought...
- ?!



- Dear Comrados, studio-Guests! What are you thinking on this documentary clip?
- I would like to suggest: are you Iraqi, Palestinian, Chechenian, Cuban, Korean, Afghan, Lapon, Latino etc etc no matter what you be called, it's important your cultural/moral values be survive or not in future!!! It's better you piss-off the zion-dominated-medial lies and be aware on your own brain-craft and show your power, join the SOLIDARITY MOVEMENTS WORLDWIDE!.. Together we are stronger and so we can stand against the enemies of humanbeing!..
- I would like to suggest: are you African (Somalian, Nigerian, Eritrean, Sudanese etc etc no matter/it's important and enough to be human) or ordinary USA&EU citizen; please, as a true honoured Human you have both basic rights and basic responsibility, first at all LIBERATE YOUR COUNTRY! FIGHT IMPERIALISM!
- I would like to suggest: are you religious or non-religious/Muslim or Christian/Shaman or Atheist etc etc no matter dear Comrados; actually we have no such luxury to play with illuZional soap opera tales and you have no time to waste with the detailes on colours or cultural discussions; please, on ground off all principals be just civilized human and first at all: FIGHT THE JUDAIZED IMPERIALISM!
- I would like to suggest: are you Communist/Socialist/National Socialist or simply Marxist-Leninist-Maoist/democrat-more democrat-nor democrat etc etc forget all kind of philosopfical masturbations on the classic least, until frontal victory! We must be a front bceause the eneimes already united like a front, called "coalition military power/alliance-civil-power/AIPAC-ADL-Masonry sects/IDF-occupaZional Mafia/NATO masked executer-machinery/ISAF-KFOR/GLADIO/"collaborated criminals, recruited polit-whores, missionary provocators etc etc... The enemies of human beiing still massacre children and intellectuals drowned in the eliminating process of dominaZional system.... Wake up brothers/sisters; we must be united, instead of to be living toys or "philosopy-salted-sauce" in the hands of Imperialist monsters!.. Fight back and use all kind of weapons, it's your basic human right: SELF-DEFENCE of HUMANITY!..

Info bought by corrupted agent Max B. SIMIC, Knutby

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