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1. Hydrocodone-combination (Vicodin)
2. Oxycodone with acetaminophen (generic Percocet)
3. Oxycodone HCL (generic OxyContin)
4. Acetaminophen with codeine,
5. Morphine sulfate,
6. Fentanyl: 6,468,000 prescriptions.
7. Brand-name OxyContin,
8. Methadone,
9. Hydromorphone HCL (generic Dilaudid),
10. Oxymorphone HCL, extended release (Opana ER):

* Understanding Opioid (Narcotic) Pain Medications

* Back Pain ,
* Breakthrough Pain ,
* Chronic Myofascial Pain ,
* Chronic Pain ,
* Costochondritis ,
* Dercum's Disease ,
* Epicondylitis, Tennis Elbow ,
* Fibromyalgia ,
* Headache ,
* Lhermitte's Sign ,
* Muscle Pain ,
* Neck Pain ,
* Neuralgia ,
* Nocturnal Leg Cramps ,
* Pain/Fever ,
* Postoperative Pain ,
* Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy Syndrome,
* Somatoform Pain Disorder ,
* Vulvodynia ,

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- Drinkable Nembutal Pentobarbital mixed with sweeteners to avoid the bitterness of the liquid ,
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