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Tue Jun 7, 2016 12:22

Dedication of this book

The first person I want to think is my soul mate and was an amazing enough person to marry me. My loving and sadly departed wife Gina Karol Flournoy Robinson. She gave birth and risked her life to bring our lovely Daughter into the world. Also to our close friends the Gilloth family, the Fellers family, and the Cathro family. Would also like to thank Dr.Serna and her staff.

Chapter One
The Beginning

It all began just over a month that Gina and I were married. She had her last period 3 days after we were married. On New Year’s Eve of 1990, Gina told me she was pregnant and it was going to be a baby girl. We had not even done a home pregnancy test yet. We did and she was pregnant and went to see an OB/GYN Dr. I was able to attend all of her appointments but one. In March, while Gina was at work she started bleeding. She worked in the data entry department at a hospital so she was taken to the ER. I was called and by the time I had arrived her bleeding had stopped. The doctors kept her in the hospital for a couple of days. The conclusion was the placenta was moving at a time she was moving a heavy box of computer paper.
At that period of time Gina’s grandmother was the only one in the family that knew she was pregnant. My parents knew we had eloped and gotten married. Neither one of Gina’s parents at this time knew we were married or Gina was pregnant. When Gina’s grandfather on her father’s side was hospitalized in April that is when we got to meet him and his wife. Gina later told him she was pregnant with his granddaughter. Gina had a fall out with her mother because she thought Gina was too good to be a waitress. After she moved to Mississippi contact with Gina stopped.
In May we found a house that we liked and were able to get it into a cheaper price than that it was appraised at. We ended up having to get owner financing since none of the banks would write a mortgage for so little. It had been a rental house with burnt orange shag carpet. The house was so dirty we pulled all of the flooring up and Gina’s grandmother brought in a water hose and sprayed the house out.
Since Gina’s boss’s husband was a carpet layer I laid the carpet in all three bedrooms since I had the tools. We used one as a master bedroom, the second as Katie’s nursery. The third bedroom we made into a guest room and office area. Once we got the hallway painted and the finished the extension room that once was a back patio with sliding glass doors and a cement patio floor that when it rained had water running across the cement floor. The ceiling was also made out of wall paneling. And you could hear buzzing coming from the ceiling. One night after we had put Katie down for the night we took a hoe and punched a hole through the ceiling only to find a extremely large bumble bee hive. It took us 3 cans of wasp spray.
We left the room until later and instead laid tile floor in the kitchen and the main entry way. We were also able to find some carpet that we had laid in the living room, hallway and the family room. Then we focused on Katie’s nursery. We got her a chest and some furniture from the naked furniture store. I hand sanded it all and stained it. Then finished it off with some thick varnish. We painted her room a rosy pink and put a carousel roll of paper around the top of the wall. We finished her room the middle of July. So I moved on to the kitchen.
The kitchen did not have a dishwasher but it had hookups of a washing machine. The new connections for the washing machine and dryer were located in the garage. We went to the store and purchased a under the counter dishwasher. Then proceeded to make a box out of wood stained with a dark color and a light coating of varnish. I used my router to route groves into the top of the box giving it more of a finished look Since the kitchen was short on counter space I built shelves to fit on top of the dishwasher cabinet that held the microwave and the cook books.
Due to Gina’s legs starting to swell she was put on bed rest at the end of July. We moved into the house the first few days of August. With Gina down we got help from her father, and her grandmother. When we moved the kitchen it became clear we did not have enough cabinet space. So I built a free standing pantry that added more than enough space in it.
We went to the OBGYN doctor for an appointment on August 8th she told us that Gina needed to have labor induced since Katie had gotten so large that a virginal delivery may not be possible. We set it up for us to check into the hospital on August 10th a Saturday morning so some of the relatives could be present. They hooked her up to the medicine at 7am. By 8pm she was only slightly enlarged. They decided to let her get unhooked from the medicine have a good dinner and a bath. I got here a large rib eye steak and large baked potato the way she liked it and a salad with ranch dressing. She got a good night sleep while I slept on the sofa.
The next morning they hooked her up on the medicine again and she started to go into labor. Her father brought me up some breakfast and while I ate Gina grabbed my left hand and squeezed it during her contractions. When things started to move forward I was on Gina’s right side and her left stirrup broke at the wrong time. So I reached across her body and used my right hand as her stirrup which gave me a front row viewing to one of life’s greatest moments. She was born at 6:05 pm.
They had to put two name tags on her because she would take them off. So she hand wristband on one arm and another on her leg. Things were going great with Katie. Gina was starting to have problems with headaches and her blood pressure. They were only in the hospital for 3 days. They gave Gina a prescription for her headaches. We picked up the prescription and headed for the house. Day 5 through Day 7 We had Gina at either the doctor’s office or the ER. Gina’s grandmother came and stayed with us. At approximately 3:30 Gina needed to go to the bathroom and I helped her. We had put white carpeting in the bed room. She was bleeding heavily leaving a trail of blood between the bed and the bathroom. She is not able to speak clearly. I call the ER doctor to ask what I should do. He recommended we wait for 4 hours until her OB/GYN doctor office opened. I cleaned the white carpet while Gina slept. Gina’s grandmother and I got her cleaned up and dressed. I halfway cared her while she tried to walk.
When we got to her doctor’s office they try to talk to her realize she can’t walk they told us to take her to the ER at the hospital. They brought a wheelchair to help us get Gina from the office to the car. While driving to the hospital where Gina worked I called her boss told her Gina was in bad shape and we were on the way to the ER and we wanted to sneak in and not get caught by a lot of friends. Her boss told me to pull up in the ambulance entrance. As I pulled up there was her boss and a nurse with a wheel chair. They told me which ER room to go to and I went and parked the car and went inside. They had gotten her undress and into a gown. I had to help hold her when they cauterized her. The doctor sent her for a cat scan and move her into a room on the OB floor. When we got up there they decided to perform a spinal tap.
While the procedure was undergoing I called Gina’s Father to tell him what was going on. I then called Gina’s grandmother to check on Katie and let her know what little we knew. The afternoon the day before Gina’s issue we were in the ER and they had a cat scan that had what they called “A Snowflake “. So they 2 cat scans within 24 hours to compare to each other. The neurologist told me test showed everything correctly. They then moved her into ICU.
With Gina being an employee I would come visit her from time to time so I learned the hospital inside and out and could wonder around without being questioned since most of them knew me. After I checked on Gina in ICU she was a sleep. The neurologist was in the nursing station so I stood by the door waiting to talk with him about Gina’s treatment. While standing there I overheard him tell the other person on the phone that Gina needed to have a magnesium drip so that her body would start losing fluids and it would look better if she ordered it. If she did not order it he would. He then handed the phone to the head nurse.
As he left the room I asked him what the plans for treating Gina were and what was wrong with her. He explained that she had a stroke due to the amount of fluid her body was retaining and she needed to have a magnesium sulfate drip to start removing the fluid. I asked him what the diagnoses was. He told me that I would have to discuss it with her OB/GYN that the root issue was not under his practice. That statement bothered me because every day except the first day when we came home from the hospital we were at either the ER or her OB/GYN with medical issues that kept occurring and she kept getting worse.
I had the nurses leave a note on Gina’s chart that I wanted to speak with her OB/GYN about Gina’s condition. I slept in the ICU waiting room only getting up occasionally to go outside to smoke. I waited until the first visiting time to go see Gina. On the way in to see her I stopped by the nurse’s station to see if her OB/GYN had been by yet. I was told she had already made rounds and ignored my request. I found out when she usually made her rounds. I then went to see Gina she was awake and was wondering what all had happened. I tried to make it as clear to her as I had information. She was worried Katie had died. Katie was being taken care by Gina’s grandmother. Her father arrived at the hospital in late morning after the visitation hours were over until later that day. I had him take a picture with Gina’s grandmother, her father and Katie. I was happy we had a Polaroid camera so I could take the picture into her and she could see that Katie was alive and fine.
On the next visit I had the nurse change the note so that I could talk to all the doctors. I also brought in the picture of Katie and Gina’s father. That day I spoke with the neurologist and the ER doctor that was a friend of ours. He is the one that told me that Gina had post pardon preeclampsia. The OB/GYN was in with Gina. So since she did not want to speak with me I went around to the doctor’s door into and out of ICU. She was not pleased to see me. I asked her what was wrong with Gina and what was her prognoses? She told me that she had a stroke and she was not sure what caused it that I needed to discuss it with her neurologist. She said that was all the time she could give. Later on that night I made friends with the head nurse in ICU and she let me read Gina’s chart. It was very clear that her body was retaining fluid and her output was being very carefully measured and she was not allowed to have any oral fluids. Her blood pressure was still all over the board. The ER was slow so I asked the ER doctor to go get some coffee and have a smoke with me.
We got a cup of coffee and went out through the ambulance entrance. Under the car port for the ambulances there was a bench that was out of view of the ER. We sat I smoked and talked to him privately. He had been the doctor in the ER on the previous days. He said that her development into the post-partum preeclampsia was text book that was the reason he kept sending us back to OB/GYN. If he had diagnosed it like he should have the OB/GYN could get the hospital to fire him. He told me that Gina did have preeclampsia which caused her blood pressure to rise and cause an aneurism in her brain that ruptured causing her stroke. He strongly recommend that we switch to the other OB/GYN that has privileges at the hospital. Since our insurance caused us to use the hospital our choices were limited and the outside Doctors control the working staff on threating to take their business to another hospital.
Gina’s boss talked to me about Gina’s mother being notified. I explained to her that I had never met her and had no idea where to even start because Gina was still upset with her. But I would defer to her. About that time I had a nurse come running up to me telling me I had to get Katie to the Pediatrician right away. She did not know why. So I raced home told Gina’s grandmother what was going on. I took Katie to the Dr. She gave her a couple of shots because one of the kids in the nursery had come down with meningitis. She told me what to look for so I took her back home and went to the store purchase supplies for Gina’s grandmother because she was sleeping in a chair rocking Katie in her cradle all night long and every three hours she changed her diaper and gave her a bottle.
I made it back to be introduced to Gina’s mother. She tried to take over Gina’s supervision and I kindly explained to her that I was Gina’s husband and I would welcome any advice that she may have but she was my wife and I was going to be the one making any decisions about Gina’s wellbeing it was going to come through me. She did not like that too much I explained to her that Gina for over the almost two years had said nothing to her and had not mentioned her to me. I explained I would welcome her ideas but I was willing to give my life to help her daughter.
In a side note Gina’s family that thought if she did not recover fully with a new baby I would turn tale and run. Gina got a kick out of that they actually believed it. She knew I loved her with all my heart and I was not made of stuff that would turn and run when things got tough. My mom raised me to tackle any problem that there is always an answer.
At the end of the third day they moved Gina to the cardiac care floor, so they could monitor her heart because the OB/GYN still was not sure of what was wrong with Gina. On Day 4 Gina’s younger brother came in and gave Gina a newspaper. She asked him why he brought her Russian newspaper she said all the letters were backwards. Gina’s father brought her grandmother and Katie up to visit with her. The visit went well. After they left they brought in food for lunch then the OB/GYN came in to tell us that Gina had Lupus and she was arranging shipping her to Galveston for treatment of Lupus. She also said she had asked for a renal scan.
There was a 4 foot coach in the room I slept on the coach that night if you want to call it sleep. Needless to say a 6’2” from on a 4 foot coach (the morning nurse showed me how it expanded out.) But when they moved her up to the room they removed the magnesium sultanate drip. All through the night her blood pressure was slowly going back up. The 6 am reading was high enough it concerned me. I asked the nurse if they were going to call the Dr. and she said if it was not a complete emergency that if they called her before 9 am she would have them fired.
She took the medicine in prep to the renal scan and her eyesight had returned so she was seeing correctly. That made the day brighter. I rode down and walked beside Gina to the x-ray room. They told me it would take 30 minutes to do the scan so I went and had a cigarette.
When I arrived back they told me they had to send her to ICU and her blood pressure had gotten out of control and it took two nitro tablets to get her blood pressure to low enough to move her to ICU. I went to ICU and they would not let me see her since they did not have her stable and were working on her. I broke down at that point. I did not want any of her friends see me so I went out the front door and collapsed on the curb. Crying and praying. At that time I had a minister come up to me and asked what was wrong and could he help. I asked him to lead us in prayer. After the prayer he helped me up gave me a hug and whispered in my ear that God would see us through and Gina would be alright. He went through the door and disappeared I had gotten my emotions under control I smoked a cigarette and called Gina’s mother and her father.
I went back to ICU and was told it was a miracle that she had responded so quickly

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        • I'm LostTBone, Mon Jul 18 09:29
          I want Katie's story to be out there to show others that through hard work and dedication you can accomplish anything. It opens so many wounds I don't think I'll be able to do it.
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