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Write for yourself
Sun Jul 31, 2016 08:00

With something so close and personal, my suggestion is to write for yourself first. When my son died, I put a lot of things in writing. It can be an amazing release and very healing, but at the same time it was extremely personal, which is why I wrote FOR ME!

Like being on an airplane with the oxygen masks falling down - put your mask on first so that you are then able to help others get theirs on. Write for yourself and try to heal your own wounds first.

It is a "forever" thing... losing a child.

Hugs to you.

    • Write for yourself — happystuff, Sun Jul 31 08:00
    • CritiqueSooze, Fri Jul 15 09:32
      Ask yourself WHAT is the essence of what you are trying to convey. What do you want readers to FEEL and then paint with every color that adds to that. Be clear about your intent for writing this.... more
    • What do you want to hear?HRHCarla, Sun Jul 3 16:15
      Do you want a critic of the story, its organization, style? Do you want basic editing? CR
      • I'm LostTBone, Mon Jul 18 09:29
        I want Katie's story to be out there to show others that through hard work and dedication you can accomplish anything. It opens so many wounds I don't think I'll be able to do it.
        • I understand that you want to share...HRHCarla, Sun Jul 31 09:31
          I worry about opening old wounds. Trying, at this time, may be more pain than joy for you right now. However, if you feel the need to tell your story, perhaps you could share it with someone else... more
          • blogs are great tooally, Tue Aug 2 15:37
            This is a new era we live in. It used to be it is "blogs" and people share their most intimate daily thoughts sometimes on line...why do they write their blogs? To help ease the pain in... more
            • You and your family are in my prayersPaula, Wed Aug 31 19:01
              I have been 'lucky' in that with the small family it is now just my Mom and I. She is 85, so I know in the next few years I will lose her as well. I can only offer my prayers and thoughts to you as... more
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