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blogs are great too
Tue Aug 2, 2016 15:37

This is a new era we live in. It used to be it is "blogs" and people share their most intimate daily thoughts sometimes on line...why do they write their blogs? To help ease the pain in their hearts (like someone has already stated above). Yet, because it is an open blog for others to read - you'll be touching the hearts of many who are enduring the same pain...and it will help another person, the words you share from your heart, cope with their own pain.

It's a big world, but really, we are all so connected and the internet era makes the world that much smaller.

I will pray that you start your blog soon - keep us updated. Sometimes it's a day by day struggle. Keep writing.

(I'm currently losing a sister to cancer, so I won't be able to follow this forum for a while. If any wish to pray for a miracle, her name is "Susie" - she lives in L.A., California.) We are trying to get her into a hospice setting - she is fighting that currently, seems to be in denial at this point. The doctors say the cancer is riddling her entire body...she does not have long to live.

  • I understand that you want to share...HRHCarla, Sun Jul 31 09:31
    I worry about opening old wounds. Trying, at this time, may be more pain than joy for you right now. However, if you feel the need to tell your story, perhaps you could share it with someone else... more
    • blogs are great too — ally, Tue Aug 2 15:37
      • You and your family are in my prayersPaula, Wed Aug 31 19:01
        I have been 'lucky' in that with the small family it is now just my Mom and I. She is 85, so I know in the next few years I will lose her as well. I can only offer my prayers and thoughts to you as... more
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