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Wed Oct 5, 2016 18:30

Here at the castle we are doing apples, lots and lots of apples.

The royale apple trees only produced enough to make a few galettes for my youngest prince's birthday, but we bought enough to replenish the dehydrated stock. (Great for galettes and crisps on cold winter days....)

My oldest prince thinks he's made enough apple butter, syrup and jelly to last all year. Hope so, as I am getting a wee bit sick of apples.


    • Woe is me!HRHCarla, Fri Oct 7 09:56
      My King, in his gracious wisdom, decided to ignore safety rules in the castle, and he melted the plastic parts on my Victorio strainer. That's right, I don't have an auger, and I have an enormous... more
      • I love apples!!!happystuff, Fri Oct 7 16:19
        Pooh on the melted plastic, but good for you, Your Majesty, for doing what needs to be done! lol. Love apples! Have no trees, but dry as many as I can get my hands on during apple season. And belated ... more
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