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He's nearly back to normal
Tue Nov 15, 2016 11:37

Thank you for your concern.

He had a rough time of it, as the pain killer that the oral surgeon prescribed made him very, very ill, but he couldn't do without it due to the pain.

I was finally able to change to acetaminophen, and that helped with the nausea. He is finally able to eat just about anything, but he still has a little bit of jaw pain.

He lost about 5 pounds, and he's a skinny thing, so he looked very poorly. He was sure glad to be able to eat something solid when he could, as was I, because he looked so thin.

He is now making up for the lack of solid food for those 5 days, and he's eating me out of house and home. (Or, in other words, he's back to normal.)


  • Hope all went well.happystuff, Wed Nov 2 17:12
    It's been a couple days since you posted, so I hope all went well.
    • He's nearly back to normal — HRHCarla, Tue Nov 15 11:37
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