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Board Mom
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Thu Sep 7, 2017 12:40

This will work no matter how badly I screw up the domain move.

  • Hosting company is kicking me outBoard Mom, Wed Sep 6 17:47
    The place where I host my domain, , is going out of the hosting business. I will need to move my domain someplace else. If all goes well, anyone who still gets here via won't... more
    • How happy I am to read you!HRHCarla, Wed Sep 13 22:02
      I was beginning to think that all had passed into the great beyond, as no one was posting. Then I pop in, and I see that you have posted twice! I am so glad that you are around and taking care of... more
      • no great beyondally, Thu Sep 14 09:37
        Still here - I'm canning tomatoes these days. Like to make it into tomato sauces and then I can put away in cellar, fresh wholesome organic tomato sauce and use it for whatever later. Today is canned ... more
    • Direct link to this message board — Board Mom, Thu Sep 7 12:40
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