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no great beyond
Thu Sep 14, 2017 09:37

Still here - I'm canning tomatoes these days. Like to make it into tomato sauces and then I can put away in cellar, fresh wholesome organic tomato sauce and use it for whatever later. Today is canned HOT salsa...will make it smooth. Use a sieve for all my ingredients after they have cooked down.

I heard through the grape vine that our friend from TX (TBone) not well - had a stroke. Please pray. I have not heard a lot. I hope it's OK for me to share that with y'all. I know he'd appreciate your kind thoughts and prayers. He's been through the wringer all these years since he lost Gina and his beloved daughter. We all know he used to post his heart here...miss his letters. Maybe he'll get better. Don't even know if he survived Houston's floods. What a year for Houston, TX and east TX.

thanks for posting, Board Mom. I guess when it all dropped off the map and no one was posting any more, I decided to try and keep up with Facebook - I hardly can keep up with it, but my family and friends all prefer Facebook. I found that with my busier life style (mom's dementia is worse than ever) - I have to down size my computer time. This is hay season for us at the farm - I am gathering my barn full of hay - and it is canning season - I'm harvesting. Also selling doll hair on Ebay. Very busy bee! When the sun shines you make'a your hay...

Speaking of sun, 100 degree days and upper 90s for over a month - should I amend to two months? Crazy dry and lots of smoke and fire in Oregon. We are sometimes in the news. The whole west on fire. Expecting two days of rain come this weekend. Hip hip hooray. Even the unbelievers are starting to put up signs PRAY FOR RAIN.

Take care, all of you! Please!

  • How happy I am to read you!HRHCarla, Wed Sep 13 22:02
    I was beginning to think that all had passed into the great beyond, as no one was posting. Then I pop in, and I see that you have posted twice! I am so glad that you are around and taking care of... more
    • no great beyond — ally, Thu Sep 14 09:37
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