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Winter is coming
Sat Nov 4, 2017 13:07

Not to sound like GOT, but it sure is here. It got very chilly rather quickly, which has put me into a frenzy of fall cleaning. (My youngest prince isn't thrilled about it, even though I pay him well for the extra work.)

I am hoping that my King will be able to finish work on the castle's southern windows before it gets cold all day. He has worked hard on them, when he's taking a break from ruling Laundry Land and worshiping my delicate beauty, and I know that he's like to finish them.

I have been spending the days baking, canning, dehydrating, and trying to sew , and the cold nights in the dungeon knitting at things for my princes and my middle prince's girlfriend. (I do so love fall!)

What is everyone else doing?


    • cleaning/tidying/canningally, Tue Nov 7 10:11
      Just finished canning tomatoes in every way you can imagine to can them - and a killer spaghetti sauce. (My Polish serf husband likes spaghetti a lot!) I miss this board for its beauty, simplicity... more
      • Canningbreadbakerkathy, Sat Dec 30 00:44
        I didn't get any canning done this year. Tore the meniscus on my left knee twice. Had second surgery last January and was off work for 5 weeks. So it was March before I really was allowed to do... more
        • knee bone connected, Sat Dec 30 10:12
          I need to have an x ray done on right knee. Something in there not right for over a year - meniscus is a word I've heard before regarding knee pain. I take MSM every morning, seems to help with... more
          • Kneesbreadbakerkathy, Sat Dec 30 11:49
            Ally.. check Update above all the posts. The meniscus is the cartilage that provides a cushion between the thigh bone and shin bone. Tears do not show up on stay but only on an MRI. Good luck!
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