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Cabin Fever
Never thought I'd see this / Facebook
Thu Nov 9, 2017 13:23

Never thought I'd see two years of posts on just one page. Makes me sad, but life goes on.

I know some of you, like BBK, Ally and Stan, TBone are on Facebook. How about the rest of you? We spend a lot of our internet time there.

So, if you're on Facebook, give us a holler and we can continue there.

Our Facebook address is

Cabin Fever and WIHH

    • I'm sorry I can't!HRHCarla, Thu Nov 9 16:34
      I don't do Facebook, Twitter, or anything other than this site. I am not into technology, and I don't like leaving a bit footprint. Please come here every now and then. I still check here every day.... more
    • Forgot a coupleCabin Fever, Thu Nov 9 16:18
      woolylam and CindyTX are also on Facebook with us. The rest of you, come join us. :)
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