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Board Mom
I beg your forgivness for taking so long to reply
Sun Feb 4, 2018 15:17

The short answer is yes, I have made a few sweaters with no seams, if that is what you mean. I have a video of a different method as well, top down, that I have not yet gotten to. I have a book that shows how to knit sweaters with raglan sleeves that are knit basically as one piece, once the sleeves are at the joining point, as in they are knit separate then joined to the body and finished as one piece from that point forward. I also made a sweater that picked up the stitiches once the body was finished and knit the sleeves down from that point.

How can I assist you Queenie?

  • Oh, joy and happiness!HRHCarla, Thu Feb 1 12:23
    I am so glad that someone is around, and it is a KNITTING person!!!! Have you ever done a sweater using the contiguous sleeve method? CR
    • I beg your forgivness for taking so long to reply — Board Mom, Sun Feb 4 15:17
      • I think I wasn't clearHRHCarla, Mon Feb 5 12:51
        Don't worry about taking too long to reply- I know how life can be... I have made dozens of raglan shoulder, top-down sweaters. I can do the dad-gummed things in my sleep. I am getting "challenged"... more
        • No surprise, you are more advanced than IBoard Mom, Tue Feb 6 09:44
          Do you know about ? It is a website for knitters with people (thousands!) who are willing to answer questions. Perhaps even join a group that is knitting sweaters (lots of sub groups) and ... more
          • Not advanced, just challengingHRHCarla, Tue Feb 6 21:44
            I like to push myself when I make things. The first thing I made when I learned to knit were fitted socks. That's right- circular knitting and short rows. I did it, and I haven't looked back since. I ... more
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