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I think I wasn't clear
Mon Feb 5, 2018 12:51

Don't worry about taking too long to reply- I know how life can be...

I have made dozens of raglan shoulder, top-down sweaters. I can do the dad-gummed things in my sleep.

I am getting "challenged" by the contiguous sleeve method. I can't find a man's sweater pattern, as the method is so new, and all of the women's patterns are for cardigans. I have seen where you can take the contiguous sleeve cardigan pattern and turn it into a pull-over, but it still leaves me to add the collar later, and I'm not really big on doing that. I don't like picking up stitches to knit onto- bothers me, and I can't say why...

What I have done is this: I started knitting with my typical top-down pattern, but I placed my shoulder "seam" markers two knit-stitches apart. I kept the two stitches the same between the markers, but increased before and after until the shoulder seam was approximately the length I needed, then I moved the place markers to 6 stitches apart, and then I increased every row INSIDE the markers until it was about 2" long. (I am still knitting in the round...)

After the shoulder cap reached the proper length, I changed to increasing every other row. I will do so until the arm hole opening is long enough, then I will place the sleeve stitches on waste yarn, and continue knitting in the round until the sweater is the proper length. I will then pick up the stitches on each sleeve and finish them.

As I've never altered a sweater pattern this radically before, does this sound correct? My generalized instructions aren't very clear- it says to increase every row for the shoulder cap "a little bit", which isn't much help. (Barbara Walker plans her cap to be about 1/6 of the entire arm-hole, so that's what I did.)

I need to come up with some way to knit in the round and have a shoulder seam, as I have a sweater for my oldest prince that I must make, and I need the shoulders to hang properly so that I can add a snake onto it. The snake won't hang properly if I use raglan sleeves, and I tried a drop shoulder pattern that was atrocious and ugly.


  • The short answer is yes, I have made a few sweaters with no seams, if that is what you mean. I have a video of a different method as well, top down, that I have not yet gotten to. I have a book that... more
    • I think I wasn't clear — HRHCarla, Mon Feb 5 12:51
      • No surprise, you are more advanced than IBoard Mom, Tue Feb 6 09:44
        Do you know about ? It is a website for knitters with people (thousands!) who are willing to answer questions. Perhaps even join a group that is knitting sweaters (lots of sub groups) and ... more
        • Not advanced, just challengingHRHCarla, Tue Feb 6 21:44
          I like to push myself when I make things. The first thing I made when I learned to knit were fitted socks. That's right- circular knitting and short rows. I did it, and I haven't looked back since. I ... more
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