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This IS fun!
Thu Feb 8, 2018 12:48

There used to be a small yarn shop not far from the castle, and I loved to go there and knit with whomever was there- older women, men, even kids. (Of course, all the bowing and scraping was a bit annoying, but once I took off my satin gloves and started, the knitters there were more impressed with my emeralds and milk-white skin...)

I miss the place, as one could ask for help and get it, without any comments or derogatory statements. The only other yarn place is filled with super-rich people who don't think twice about spending hundreds of dollars on yarn for a scarf or a coat for their little dog. Not my type...

I am so glad that I have a fellow knitter to give me help.

If you like sweaters, and hate picking up stitches and seaming, you'll like the contiguous sleeve.


  • Found some Ravelry linksBoard Mom, Thu Feb 8 11:25
    I accepted the challenge of finding help on Ravelry. Below are some links. I'm learning something myself, so I do thank you. I never heard of this before.... more
    • This IS fun! — HRHCarla, Thu Feb 8 12:48
      • About joining another colorBoard Mom, Thu Feb 8 12:59
        I did a search, and found the term to use is jog free stripes. I got a plethora of listings, and hopefully you can find one that works. The top one I found does include knitting down a row, and isn't ... more
    • MoreBoard Mom, Thu Feb 8 11:30
      Looks like there is a contiguous group on Ravelry, which is linked near the end of the second link. She also gives her email for questions. I may have to try this, once I get my (personally set)... more
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