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Thu Feb 15, 2018 17:18

I used to come to this page every day 1999 thru the Y2K...til about 2008. Going thru my paper scrap recipes, I find a few I printed off from here....Jalapeno Jelly from Sooz.....Apple Pie in a Jar filling from HRHCarla...... so I Googled Homestead Friends and find a link right away......still the same address even... kinda wanna cry...

    • The board is still hereBoard Mom, Thu Mar 29 12:20
      It is the free version, so there are ads. I have no reason to take it down, and I enjoy hearing from the friends I made here. I do not do FaceBook, so I don't keep up that way.
    • So glad you're back!HRHCarla, Sat Feb 17 17:57
      I have missed how active this board used to be, and I am always pleased when someone responds when I ask a question or post something brilliant and witty. (As is my way.) Let me know how things are... more
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