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No Help
Thu Apr 26, 2018 19:36

After the stroke I was no longer diabetic. I still have my moments with my balance. Memory is needing help, Short term is worse. Bit the watchers I have here are my two dogs 5 horses, 14 head of cows.

  • Praise God!HRHCarla, Thu Apr 26 17:24
    T-Bone, my faithful man, I am more glad than you will ever know to read that you are alive!!!!!!! How is your health now? Do you have help? CR R.P.S. KKarol rocks!
    • No Help — tbone, Thu Apr 26 19:36
      • diabetesally, Fri Apr 27 10:52
        I imagine that being in a coma, you were not eating much and I would think you lost some weight - maybe a whole lotta weight. Intravenous feeding, I would think - for four months? Welcome home,... more
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