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Fri Apr 27, 2018 10:48

Was not your time. A miracle. I just thought of your dogs this past week - and your cows - and wondered again about you - Susan (Susnan) of Minnesota fame wrote me and told me PRAY and I have been - but TBone, I have to say - it sounded like dire straits - you are our Lazarus! So glad the dogs were there to greet you, and the cows chewing their Tejas cud said "howdy Pardner" when you got to the homestead...tend those roses you planted for KKarol and your daughter...they have been badly neglected. Thanks for posting - the Lord doth answer prayers. Wow.

  • I am alive.Tbone, Thu Apr 26 15:10
    On May 22, 2017 I had a major stroke which put me in a coma. People thought I was not going to make it or walk out of the hospital. I FOOLED THEM ! I walked out of the door under my own power. By... more
    • Miracle — ally, Fri Apr 27 10:48
      • PUSHtbone, Fri Apr 27 17:29
        My friends brought me a cap that said Pray Until Something Happens (PUSH). I lost 3 cows because no one paid my electric bill so when it was cut off my water well stopped working.I feel trapped the... more
    • Praise God!HRHCarla, Thu Apr 26 17:24
      T-Bone, my faithful man, I am more glad than you will ever know to read that you are alive!!!!!!! How is your health now? Do you have help? CR R.P.S. KKarol rocks!
      • No Helptbone, Thu Apr 26 19:36
        After the stroke I was no longer diabetic. I still have my moments with my balance. Memory is needing help, Short term is worse. Bit the watchers I have here are my two dogs 5 horses, 14 head of cows.
        • diabetesally, Fri Apr 27 10:52
          I imagine that being in a coma, you were not eating much and I would think you lost some weight - maybe a whole lotta weight. Intravenous feeding, I would think - for four months? Welcome home,... more
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