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What's happening!
Mon Aug 13, 2018 22:22

Things are getting busy around here.

I have started knitting my presents, am reupholstering my dining room chairs, have learned how to make delicious yogurt from pepper stems, am helping my youngest prince with his resume, started cleaning up the back yard for the castle's mortgage burning party, have learned how to sharpen a chain saw, got a terrific watermelon patch growing like crazy, and will soon be harvesting apples from the trees. (Not many, but there will be more next year.)

I still need to trim hedges and cut out trees, take care of a wood pile and clean up the fire pit area, sew new skirts, find a shirt pattern that I like and make that, too, and keep all the family's busyness going. (No wonder I am so old looking!)

What's up with all of you?


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