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Karol Miller
Wed Feb 11, 2009 11:05

If you want the complete story look for the 1962 Ford Performance handbook by Hotrod Magazine. On page 78 thru 81 it gives a complete brake down of all parts and work done to all his Y-Blocks and his 1960 352 FE.

  • 152 MPHChris, Sun Feb 8 15:17
    When Karol Miller broke the Class "D" Bonneville Salt Flats record, an article in "Popular Mechanics" noted that the record was due in part to some reworking of the OHV assemblies and valve timing. I ... more
    • Karol Miller — Lou, Wed Feb 11 11:05
      • Calaxiskydog301, Wed Feb 11 21:29
        Will do. thanks. Jim
      • Karol MillerChris, Wed Feb 11 18:59
        Thanks Lou, Any idea where could I get a copy?
        • Ford BookLou, Wed Feb 11 22:42
          Check ebay I just saw one on there I think,search 1962 Ford, or Ford Porformance. Expect to pay a good buck for it. I payed $35.00 for the copy I have years ago.
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