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Fri Nov 21, 2014 10:21

There's only a few wires to reattach. 1. A small short wire that ultimately connects to the + side of the coil via the dropping resistor. You may or may not have that resistor on your replacement engine. It would be mounted on a small stand that is held in place by a bolt that holds the coil stand as well. 2. A large cable that attaches to the starter. It comes from the starter solenoid. 3. The generator wires of differing sizes that attach to their respective terminals on the generator. I think most generators have ARM, GRD, stamped on the casing. You can use an ohmmeter between the voltage regulator and the ends of the wire to determine which is which. They're marked on the side of the regulator. 4.You may or may not have a ground strap that electrically insures that the engine block is also chassis ground. It's usually mounted on the fire wall and connects to the last intake manifold bolt on the drivers side. That's it except for the line that snaps onto the oil pressure sensor on the drivers side just to the right of the fuel pump. The negative battery cable is typically connected to the block by the bolt that holds the oil dip stick tube in place, but you can use the gen bracket also. Just take your time. Don't let it appear as a spaghetti factory in your brain. It's easy if you concentrate on one wire at a time.

  • Wiring harness 1959 fairlaneKarl, Fri Nov 21 08:43
    CAN ANYONE SEND ME PICS TO WHERE WIRES GO TO ENGINE ECT! Put new engine in , need some help!
    • Wiring — Chris, Fri Nov 21 10:21
      • WireingKarl, Fri Nov 21 11:13
        First, thank you for taking time out of your day to help, it is appreciated! Ok the 1 to foot wide attached to neg side of coil goes where? Then I use old spark plug wire to ten 1/8 inch to block I e ... more
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