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Re: truck heads 113
Wed Dec 3, 2014 09:14

I think you want the 472 heads and not the 113 heads. The 472's have the same combustion chamber cc's (82 cc's)as the EDB supercharger heads. The 113 heads have smaller combustion chambers (72 cc's). They were kind of a replacement for the ECZ-G heads. All heads mentioned have the large valves.

  • truck heads 113Jeff abate, Tue Dec 2 20:16
    I, have a question about the 113 Truck cylinder heads being use in a Supercharged application. Has anyone out there used the 113 heads? are there any problems to be aware of? Do they work as well as... more
    • Re: truck heads 113 — Anonymous, Wed Dec 3 09:14
      • 113 headsJeff, Wed Dec 3 16:11
        Thank you for the prompt reply. A friend of mind e-mailed me this morning and said the 113 heads work just fine... The 472 have the larger combustion chambers but the likely hood of finding a pair is ... more
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