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Re: Carb help
Thu Jan 22, 2015 06:29

You could consider a 500 CFM 2 Barrel also. Throttle response would be instantaneous and '57 and later manifolds are readily acailable. A warmed up 292 would never exceed its' capabilities. Just a thought from an old gear head.

  • Carb helpskydog301, Wed Dec 3 06:40
    I need a recommendation as to what carb I should use on my 292. The engine has been bored out .030 over 312 it has an E4 grind Isky cam. Right now it has a Holly 4100 but I am not satisfied with it.... more
    • Re: Carb help — Chris, Thu Jan 22 06:29
    • Carb HelpArthur, Thu Dec 4 06:28
      Either a Holly 600 CFM or a Edelbrock 500 CFM with vacuum secondaries would be my pick. The Holley is more tunable and has all kinds of aftermarker and high performance upgrades available for it,but... more
      • Carb helpskydog301, Thu Dec 4 21:11
        Thank you for the advise I will start looking.
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