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setting timing/engine stalling out
Fri Jan 23, 2015 05:38

It could be a worn and stretched timing chain and/or gears.

I have had this happen myself. There would be one "sweet spot" where the engine would run ok,but move the distributor even the slightest bit and I would be out of luck.

You can test this be getting someone to keep a eye on the rotor cap as you use the fan to turn the engine over by hand. If you have moved the fan what you consider to be a considerable distance without the rotor cap moving,you have a stretched timing chain.

  • Re: TimingChris, Thu Jan 22 05:58
    With the engine running try wiggeling the coil wire around. The circuit may be shorting out as it goes thru the distributor shell or it may be opening up at some point in its' length.
    • setting timing/engine stalling out — Arthur, Fri Jan 23 05:38
      • Re: setting timing/engine stalling outEraabe, Sat Jan 24 05:31
        Sounds like the exact problem This is a tired engine with almost 100k miles the previous owner said it was never rebuilt It runs great cold but after about 30 minutes develops a slight hesitation on... more
        • Re: setting timing/engine stalling outArthur, Sat Jan 24 22:28
          Eraabe wrote: "Time for a rebuild?" No,. If it ain't broke,don't fix it. Time for a new timing chain,gears,and front oil seal. Remember to line up the dots before you pull the old gears off so it's... more
    • Timingeraabe, Thu Jan 22 07:03
      Checked it all out I will try that next Figured that might be it, I'll post a result, Thx Ed
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