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Re: setting timing/engine stalling out
Sat Jan 24, 2015 05:31

Sounds like the exact problem This is a tired engine with almost 100k miles the previous owner said it was never rebuilt It runs great cold but after about 30 minutes develops a slight hesitation on take-off so I thought I would check the timing I did adjust the valves a short time ago and to get them quiet had to get down to .015 to get the pleasant light tap. Time for a rebuild?

  • setting timing/engine stalling outArthur, Fri Jan 23 05:38
    It could be a worn and stretched timing chain and/or gears. I have had this happen myself. There would be one "sweet spot" where the engine would run ok,but move the distributor even the slightest... more
    • Re: setting timing/engine stalling out — Eraabe, Sat Jan 24 05:31
      • Re: setting timing/engine stalling outArthur, Sat Jan 24 22:28
        Eraabe wrote: "Time for a rebuild?" No,. If it ain't broke,don't fix it. Time for a new timing chain,gears,and front oil seal. Remember to line up the dots before you pull the old gears off so it's... more
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