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Quiet Here
Mon Nov 21, 2016 21:41

Checkin in - Very quiet

    • Quiet hereArthur, Tue Nov 22 23:50
      Yes,it is. Too quiet. Seems like everyone has gone to facebook. I don't do facebook because I don't like the format. I'd really love to see this site picking up posts again,but don't see it... more
      • Re: Quiet hereDarkman270, Wed Nov 23 06:19
        A lot has happened since I last posted including my heart attack with a quadruple bypass and the death of my 11 year old son who died as a result of an accident here at home. I joined many years ago... more
        • FacebookArthur, Wed Nov 23 21:14
          Same here. I have friends send me FB links about parts for sale I am looking for,and it seems like no matter what I do,I can never find the damn post. Or if I do find it,I can't figure out how to... more
          • Facebookalkemy, Thu Nov 24 01:50
            I agree with everything seems to be happening on FB, but i must admit there are same great vehicle sites, including Ford Y-Block. Addictive. Unfortunately, i spend too much time browsing on there,... more
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